Sentencing phase begins for Amber Guyger

Guyger's sentencing phase comes one day after she was found guilty of murder in the shooting death of Botham Jean.
4:48 | 10/02/19

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Transcript for Sentencing phase begins for Amber Guyger
And guys I'm it was a deeply emotional day I'm in Dallas yesterday. As the fate of former Dallas police officer amber Geiger was decided by a jury that deliberated for five hours it was a unanimous decision and the verdict. Guilty for fatally shooting 26 year old both of John in his own home and so today that same jury will consider her sentence I wanna go to Marcus Moore. Who's in Dallas. With the latest mark is good to see you again we know is very emotional yesterday what's the energy like today with the sentencing coming down. What ahead Kimberly good morning good to be back with view and certainly there's still an enormous amount of interest in this one the show you very quickly. Where a number of the journalists who have been covering this story have been not gathering to. Listen to the testimony that's still under way this morning during the sentencing phase. And all of the activity is happening but inside the courtroom that is down this hallway and you see a number of people in the hallway there waiting at. Various for a various courtrooms court proceedings. But then there's the one at the end where amber Geiger was found guilty yesterday of murder and this morning as we are in the sentencing phase. More witnesses have been testifying. Or the state talking about bolt from John the kind of person he was I'm hoping to. Continue to reinforce to the jury. How much of a loss this is so that they will give the appropriate sentence right now amber Geiger now convicted murderer is facing five. To 99 years in prison Kimberly. And we know that the state will have at least two more witnesses testified. Before the defense has an opportunity to present their case to the jury in the sentencing phase and we still don't know. If amber Geiger. Will take the stand there was some discussion that perhaps she will. -- the court is preparing for off for either eventuality but we do know. That in the end there will be someone testifying a care to witness by testifying to her character hoping. To get some leniency from the jury. Yeah I'm mark it's five years 1099 year that's such. A wide gap what did what is the family. And attorneys for the family. What are they hoping for. What they they are they're just hoping for the appropriate. The appropriate sentence. They have not said specifically how many years of that is to them. They are encouraged that there was a a guilty verdict of murder and what happens from there they are open to it they respect the the jury's decision. I and one of the things the drew we will no doubt consider are these text messages that I know you're aware of that came out in testimony yesterday these are. To the text messages that have been described as racially insensitive racially charged and also low armed. They will consider some of amber Geiger is social media activity there. Our posts violent post that she saved some of her social media profiles. And that she liked and also commented on. And these are things that the the jury will consider along with those character witnesses but back to your question. The family they just want the the appropriate sentence they are. However encouraged while it won't bring both them back. Father encouraged that they've they believe they finally. Receive justice for his death. San Marcus before you leave us I just want to ask you know you were if you were there for the whole trial. I'm with all of this wrapping up what do you kind of take away from this whole experience being. Amber testifies seeing her family's reaction just the in the entire thing. Well you know it's him that covered a lot of trials in my time not one has been like this this is absolutely unique. And remarkable circumstance just the facts of this case. But I think the overwhelming feeling that not only I feel let them let everyone who's been in the courtroom and who's followed this. This case it's just how tragic it is I don't know that anyone. Doubts that amber Geiger mistakenly went to bowl from Johns apartment. Of course it was up to the jury to decide whether her actions that night world where reasonable but no one can escape the fact that a 26 year old man. A who was minding his own business sitting on the couch eating ice cream and watching television. Was shot and killed in his own apartment a man who the family's attorneys that have said was the near perfect. Person of color. Who is now gone no fault of his own I think that is really the the overwhelming feeling. That I sensed here in the courtroom and even outside of the courtroom. Here in the city so while there wasn't a guilty verdict and people of celebrating that. Life has been lost and another one. Has been changed forever. That's right mark as some absolutely. Tragic on thank you so much for updating us some we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"4:48","description":"Guyger's sentencing phase comes one day after she was found guilty of murder in the shooting death of Botham Jean.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66009847","title":"Sentencing phase begins for Amber Guyger","url":"/US/video/sentencing-phase-begins-amber-guyger-66009847"}