Severe storms devastate Heartland states

Tornadoes tear through Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and more, leaving damaged homes and dangerous flooding in its wake.
2:28 | 05/02/19

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Transcript for Severe storms devastate Heartland states
And to the severe weather system that's pushing from the plains into the northeast today twenty million Americans. Now in the threat of flooding tornadoes. Caught and hill in the from these storms it was a devastating night in Oklahoma and Texas. Our Marcus Morris and Denton Texas for look at some of the damage. Good morning just absolute mess here in this Texas neighborhood where little violent storm knocked down trees area. Including this massive tree that fell on the part of the house and look it. It crushed a Ford Mustang in the driveway here. Usually sense of just awesome power of these storms have been. At least thirty reported twisters touched down across the region this week. Happy why the damage in Oklahoma. That area under a state of emergency much of that that that state. And they have seen. Daddy's there to hold or trees all of also paralyzed have been there. And and let it has been an issue he's in Oklahoma but when we talk about this storm it has truly had an impact on millions of people across the region. All all away up to Michigan for example where we saw a neighborhood in Dearborn that looked a lot like a late. And people were trapped in their homes a rescue effort there. Took hours. On one woman telling reporters that she actually think about using her mattress to float out of that Warner luckily. She didn't have to do that but this storm has his truly have a huge impact on people across the country. And some of them even losing their homes for the count one man who. Didn't have insurance and said he cannot or to. To fix his house so he doesn't know what they're going to do next and here in Texas. It EF one tornado the National Weather Service says actually caused damage here he's in this neighborhood. Uprooting trees and also making roads impassable. It was Horry they've been in during the effects of this massive storm where. Rescue crews which a dramatic video. Of rescuers try to get to a the coolest truck was swept away into a creek they saw him clinging to a tree. And he was just a few inches above the rushing water but he is safe this morning and thankful to be alive if indoor. At least two days of severe weather here in this region and we are now in the third day where the threat has not yet passed. Our tanks to markets for for that reporting from the middle of the country.

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{"duration":"2:28","description":"Tornadoes tear through Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and more, leaving damaged homes and dangerous flooding in its wake.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62784082","title":"Severe storms devastate Heartland states","url":"/US/video/severe-storms-devastate-heartland-states-62784082"}