Sheriff describes 'freak accident' that killed 11-year-old Girl Scout

Isabelle Meyer died and multiple people were injured when a tree fell at the Girl Scouts of Southwest Indiana's camp facility in Camp Koch.
3:53 | 06/25/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sheriff describes 'freak accident' that killed 11-year-old Girl Scout
Do you work here at approximately 11:30 AM. Super dispatch received among want to call an individual. Can't cook. Saying patriot of odds and campers. Can't cook is bigger guy camp operated the Girl Scouts southwest and Ian. There's for the camp is 6180. East high 66 located up in Indiana. Emergency nurses including mpeg iShares. Patent EMS. Patent rescued her immediately it is best to the same. The purchase arms were headed to the scene this Essen they were tote several individuals were trapped. Under this injury. And the individuals had multiple injuries. Our first responders arriving. They located or patience and involved in the acts in the accident. They immediately started it by Wadey each. Patient to see what our injuries they asked state. Three ounces or each patient her mood and a degree and loaded into the handles this. Prepared sheriff's office asks this essence Indiana State Police. Immediately came to seeing. The scene documented and statements were. As we continue to document saying. We learns. London bureau Isabel Meyer asked the way. After she did transport to hospital and Evansville Indiana. I later this was the member catty corner there Indian river county. Here are assisted Indiana State Police. And EMS. Pick they rescued. City police department. Central does that's. Spencer county EMS. Also like to see the Girl Scouts south Indiana were extremely helpful. And also cooperated. Throughout this investigations. From the information we gathered yesterday. And they were just out or more and I. This scene if you widow was a gravel road on a fairly steep bank on aunt from what we've gathered. Combat now. Towards the I guess they called the mess hall and Leslie Norwalk and their work. The two juvenile. And the court I'll start other tree but there is also. Other people in the area. There was neighbor called I don't wa news try to render aid to individuals trapped beneath a tree. Many artists. And I. Import. It EG. We prepare this is every seat. It starts its and yeah makes response. We are prepared. Your recipient your current everything you'd actually wrote us saying it it's it's hearts. And there's child. Didn't bill. This I'm to rich the MI. Sally they're welcome the investigation so there was no need to gross. An athletic event turned up yesterday and wanted to do. But he got your mind that you know we were look at criminal mind a criminal matter that would still wanted to. I averaged out speaker else was yeah has been hurt our thoughts and that's your arms. Just this morning who's giving updates and nation. I'm hearing on the other patients all right now I can tell you that we've been told you know it's it's well. Two adults for serious from what we've gathered what it believed that they are.

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{"duration":"3:53","description":"Isabelle Meyer died and multiple people were injured when a tree fell at the Girl Scouts of Southwest Indiana's camp facility in Camp Koch.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63931128","title":"Sheriff describes 'freak accident' that killed 11-year-old Girl Scout","url":"/US/video/sheriff-describes-freak-accident-killed-11-year-girl-63931128"}