Shooting at Arapahoe High School, Gunman Dead, Only One Student Injured

Sheriff Robinson identifies suspect as Karl Halverson Pierson, 18.
3:00 | 12/14/13

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Transcript for Shooting at Arapahoe High School, Gunman Dead, Only One Student Injured
-- it is not ready. Thank you again I'm Grayson Robinson Iraq Polk County sheriff. One update you briefly on the investigation into the tragic shooting. That happened today that shortly after twelve just before 1233. I am able now to confirm the identity of the individual that was responsible for the shooting. The shooter and again the shooter. Is deceased and -- that we firmly believe that he. Is deceased as a result of the self inflicted gunshot wound. The shooter is that he is identified now as Carl. -- person HA LV ER SO Ian Pearson. PI ERS. ONH. Eighteen. His name again is Carl -- person Pierson. Age eighteen. Pearson was a student at a -- -- school. And was not under any suspension. Today he attended school as a student of -- -- high school two -- I also have some information about the what we've identified through the day as the second victim. The individual is a young lady. Initially we believed -- she believed. And paramedics believe that she was the victim of a minor gunshot wound. After being treated at a local medical facility that was found that she was not wounded in any way shape or form. What appeared to be injuries on the young lady was the was blood. From the initial victim. I don't have any additional updates on the initial victim. Hello and others -- to remind you that she is a fifteen year old female. She underwent surgery. And is currently. Can considered to be in critical condition. The local medical facility. Our investigation continues as we have discussed. Throughout the day and -- investigation will continue. Throughout the night. Through tomorrow. And definitely through Sunday. I'm also able to tell you that at 9:15. PM tonight. All of the roadways in the immediate area will be opened for traffic for a community. -- again we will open these roads promptly at 915. For those that view that may have left your vehicle where we made it available -- you may be a wise idea to move them when you're able. So that will happen and then the last piece of information. That I have for you. Is that we will make the student parking lot open. And accessible to students who want to retrieve their vehicles. Tomorrow morning Saturday morning at eight. So any student that has a vehicle that is parked in the student parking lot located on the west side of -- -- high school. We'll be able to come to him to that location. And retrieve their vehicle -- at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning. We will certainly ask for some form of proper identification. To ensure that those that are retrieving vehicles. Have a right to that vehicle but that will happen at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning. With. That is our briefing for this period. Short of any breaking news or information that will be absolutely relevant to our ongoing investigation. We don't intend to conduct any further. Media briefings tonight our next briefing will be scheduled. 4315. Tomorrow afternoon. And that briefing will be held on the property. Of the arapahoe high school. I don't know exactly where but I can tell you will be someplace. Generally associated with the very self. Central portion of the high school building or the south east corner of the high school property. And again we will conduct that at 315. When we meet at 315 to moral. I will give you information. That is relevant to our overnight investigation. I will give you an update on our victim. And I will try to give you some information of where we are and where we will need to proceed. Over the next several days. We also. Should have a very good indication. For you and for our community tomorrow. At 315. What time and what date. The students will be allowed to go back into the high school. And retrieve their personal property. Because that's the entire high school is a crime scene at this point in time. We are not -- to allow anyone. That has not authorized to access the property. But as soon as we are possibly people we will ensure that we accommodate. Those young men and young women. With there is a need to retrieve. Their backpacks. Personal property. Things of that nature and we will try to expedite it. But again we are limited. In terms of our legal requirements to hold that scene. In terms of evidence and only authorized people will be permitted to go -- With that I believe I've covered everything that I intended to. And I would try to answer any questions that any of you me. -- -- I spoke with all due respect dole referred to as collateral damage I will refer to her as a victim. I don't know at this time if she was an intentional victim. Or an innocent victim but I do know she was an innocent -- -- she was shot with a weapon that Pearson. Brought to the school. But there's no reason for us to believe that she was a target. But obviously that will be part of our investigation. Paula Paula -- -- all the ones. Everything you possible. I'm not gonna comment any further on motive other than what I mentioned -- last. Briefing. That still is the focus of the investigation. My guess is that we will be able to better determine that. And look at the details better tomorrow when we -- 350. And this problem. -- -- Not that I'm aware of but we will look into that -- me. -- his body is inside the school because it is part of the crime scene investigation that needs to be conducted desert. Them at this point in time as I mentioned to you earlier I think we have four. Areas that I would identify as a crime scene. First and foremost is the entire -- -- high school and the area immediately adjacent to the school facility. His vehicle is parked in the west parking lot. That is a separate crime scene that needs to be process we are looking at the home that he lived in. And we are currently awaiting. The -- warrant be issued by the judge and once that happens we will begin a search. And evidence of valuation in that home. Typically when we are looking at the scene. Like the home. We're -- for a search warrant. The occupants of those of those areas are removed. So that evidence -- be tampered with or that things don't change from when we want to -- -- -- there's a fourth area that we are still evaluating. And that is Pearson's father's home in Denver. There is -- warrant that we are applying for and we will execute that warrant some time this evening or early tomorrow. Those of the four areas that we will work and there are. By our normal protocols. We will hold it a crime scene until were able to properly executed search war. And that means individuals that are not authorized to either are removed from -- from the year here. I'm sorry. It's it's -- of a bit of -- day I meant a search warrant it's a search and seizure warrant. And if I said arrest warrant and I and I know I probably did I apologize but we are investigators have worked on affidavits. Four world for authorization under warrant to search. The four areas that I discussed. Corker. KK -- KE RL is Carl -- person is his middle name H. A L. The ER -- in lessening Pearson PI ERS. -- him. -- not -- -- really does date of birth these eighteen years of age. -- -- different reports numbers here. Two Swedish. This. Swedish I can tell you now -- Week. One the initial gunshot wound victim. And that is the young lady that is currently in critical condition. She is the only gunshot victim that we had early on and certainly I know that you all understand this information is -- and things change. The second victim that we believed. To have been suffering a minor gunshot wound now in -- and gratefully. Did not suffer -- gunshot wound she had blood on her from the -- from the first victim. The other injuries or medical issues that we saw -- what I have always referred to as anxiety attacks. We three of those two of them were treated at the scene and released to their parents. The first one was transported to a local medical facility. Provided immediate aid and released very very quickly but those were anxiety attacks. We had no injuries. No issues related to the orderly. And very deliberate evacuation of the school today. -- Do you know anything about -- come out signing anything -- -- Hurry go home. But we don't have those details that will be something that we will look at. Through interviews that we're conducting. Through video. Security cameras and video at the school. A variety of of tools that we will use to try to determine. How long he was in the school he left -- -- came back that's part of our investigation yes or injury park fire. You don't know whether he did or did not. Still part of our investigation yesterday and -- -- walk Saturday. That are you I don't have anything. Relevant information at this point time I can tell you. Our investigators. Were -- Pearson's family fairly quickly. After the shooting incident happened. What that the level of their cooperation. Does not information that I could that I -- -- right now. -- -- -- -- Six. -- you obviously. Peters street. One person you explain why. Don't we use. This situation at one. Well I'm not sure I can explain -- but I can tell you I'm very grateful for and I think that. There may be a variety of reasons that we could speculate. The 65 to eighty people that I talked ago. I will remind you that they were people that were in the immediate area of vision of the shooting. Some of them saw the interaction. Some of them heard it some of them heard of it. But they were folks that were in the immediate area. And the deputies that we're there that isolated those people immediately because they were most relevant -- involved. In this situation that happened today and they were the individuals that would have the most. Factual and relevant information for us to to evaluate what happened -- -- an excuse me and in terms of why only one person was shot. I believe we can speculate all day long. About that. I can tell you -- I am grateful. And I think that. That is if there's any positive and that probably are going to be a lot of positives out of out of this situation. That's a positive. Not to take away at all from our sadness about the fifteen year old young lady who lives in -- hospital right now. I won't take away from that. But I also believe that the quick. An aggressive response. From our school resource officer and from other deputies that were in the immediate area and reacted to an active shooter. Were part and parcel of why did he suspect. Shot himself. Rather and then go any further. So I will give a great deal of credit. And gratitude to the work of those deputy sheriffs. That isolated this this kid. And clearly in my mind he realized that the -- the active shooter response was it was very aggressive and very robust. -- -- -- I will eventually talk about lessons learned but I don't think that tonight. Is the night we reflect column -- and I think tonight is tonight we think about. The victim that we have at the hospital and that we think about. All of the students in a -- high school I think all of you would agree there is a very large student population. That are home tonight. With their parents they are safe they have gone through a traumatic situation. If there's any lesson to be learned the lesson the only lesson -- will talk about. Is the fact that. The active shooter protocols. And the communication capability in this community. Is absolutely. Intact an absolutely critical part of how we are able to see continue to successfully. And effectively serve our community. -- -- I don't know. That certainly is what our investigators and crime scene people are looking now. We will look at that kind of detail as the days ago by mr. Is over here. And though he did not live by himself he lived with -- parent and my understanding is it was with the mother but I don't know that for sure. River. Well. They were. I don't know exactly how far away they were. But I can tell you that they responded very very quickly to the area he was again. I will remind you that our school resource officer -- for help. 12:33 PM this afternoon. And with the within five minutes of that call for help. That school resource officer and other deputy sheriffs from this from from my office word -- in the immediate area. Of the body of the deceased they saw him and they had isolated that particular portion of. Seeing your favorite visual. I don't know that it certainly hear me now and -- -- anything any. At this point I'm no clues -- no information that certainly something that a team of investigators is focusing only on. That is their key responsibility to find out. About him find out what his background was we will find out more certainly when we execute the search warrants. At -- at the different locations. Certainly I'm confident that we will find information. That will help us put the pieces of the puzzle together but at this point in time I have no no real -- information. Here Marshall. -- Now. I'm very. Scary if you believe I'm sure -- school. He's. I don't know how that how that occurred I know that family. Both the victim was at the hospital fairly quickly. But how they were notified and how they were transported to the hospital I don't have those details. Beauty. Devices. In relation. Here yet the that -- the device. His -- that it confidence you're asking about. Is the first smallpox cocktail that was actually. Ignited. And and thrown and that's why the deputies they encountered a large amount of smoke. In the immediate area. That was. Ignited. Either -- immediately. Prior to or during. The shot the shots being fired. Oh the second device was not deployed at all it was intact. When power when are. Deputies. Begin to work here. I don't the you know I can tell you -- but typical Molotov cocktail looks like. -- it is Tiffany who typically constructed. -- -- a glass bottle normally. Normally has some type the combustible substance usually liquid inside it and it has some type typically. Of the makeshift. Fuse. I don't know that that's exactly what we saw in -- -- -- high school. But when I'm told multiple cocktails -- the people I work with. Those are the points of reference I go back to. Certainly as I understand better. What the configuration of these devices was we will share that make sure you understand what that some. That's correct it. There. Year old girl. You -- people or did -- I I don't know initially we were told that there was a confrontation. Now it appears that maybe there was not that we we really need to. Focus on that particular question and we will have -- answered. -- we we have no immediate public safety need Thurston public safety concern. For -- the community that live in and around. Any of the areas that we are going to search. These search warrants. Require affidavit. And these are very complex. And very. It is my understanding that the court is currently as we speak. Reviewing those affidavits. The judge that is responsible for this is a very detailed. Very. Focus jurist. And I know that the information will be reviewed very very closely. I anticipate that we will have those warrants in hand -- within the hour would be my guess. New York. -- probably asked the wrong guy. But I will find out for you it's the that I think typically referred to as an incendiary device. And as far is where it stands in terms of state statute. It would be it would be an incendiary devices how -- defined. But I don't know exactly how was constructed so the construction of that would define better for right now I think for for our purposes. It could suffice to say that it appears to have been -- -- -- cocktails. In I would suggest. From a legal -- revised statute perspective. Incendiary device is probably the choice of phrase that I would use. Just her radiator. I know that will take us some time we will certainly be working with our colleagues from ET. To identify. The the ownership of the weapon. How it was when it when it was purchased was purchased. What -- -- it may have passed through. But that will be part of our investigation. And we will certainly rely on our good colleagues. The ATF to help us accomplish that responsibility. -- So -- kind it is a shotgun and beyond that I you not releasing or -- I don't have any additional information to provide. I'm glad to take one or two more. I know it's been a long day for all of you. Dissertation. -- -- -- resource officer witnessed. -- worse. Israel is response. It is you know OK I think America is -- -- -- -- there. We have -- at present there were in the. Our our school resource officer that was assigned to a -- high school has been part of our school resource officer -- from for several years. -- -- well respected member of our organization. He is a very good Meehan. He is a member of my sheriff's office family. That I have the utmost respect. Four he's a courageous individual. And he is committed to the safety security and wellbeing. Of our school. But more importantly our students. He is a very dedicated -- and he is -- he has earned my respect. But more importantly he has -- -- has earned. We respect and gratitude. Of the students of -- rebel high school before today. After today. There's no there's no words that can tell what he has done. But prior to today the student body of a -- -- by school -- this deputy. They knew him as a friend they knew him as someone who was there to help. That he knew him as someone who was compassionate and caring. And someone who did their job. Without question. -- -- -- I don't know for sure but my guess would be that at that high school. Nearly anytime -- -- -- -- the hallways or congested. I think that's that the best example if you give. -- Where it. Forty. Week we've heard about it through discussions we've had today and -- need to go back. And find out more details whether it was documented or whether it was not document I don't know that information but certainly something we will that is part of our investigation. And part of what we will put into our. Had to do our reports as as we move forward. Better. No I'm not gonna talk of about the attended his teacher. We know who the teacher is we have interviewed the teacher. We. Engaged. But at this point -- -- it's not appropriate for me to have that discussion. Very frankly the teacher as I indicated. Based on his tactical decision to. Go go away from the school. Was the right tactical decision. And I am confident that he is going through a variety of emotions and so with respect to his privacy. In his opportunity to reflect on. What happened today will decline to in to identify him. Any other questions. I want to make one quick comment if I might to all of you I very much appreciate. Your efforts today. I appreciate your courtesy that you showed me. And I appreciate the fact. You gave me the opportunity to go and get the information that you needed and I think we tried to get it back to you as quickly as we were able. But also as accurately as we work I very much appreciate the relationship. This office and I myself personally. Have with the media of Denver. You are I've talked all day long ago partners. And you are absolutely critical part. Of our partnerships and -- am grateful for that. Thank you each and every one remind you that our next briefing. Short of any breaking news or something that would completely change this investigation will be held. 3:15 PM tomorrow Saturday. And we will do it somewhere in the south central or southeast portion. The rappel high school facilities thank you all pretty much be -- tonight.

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{"id":21217541,"title":"Shooting at Arapahoe High School, Gunman Dead, Only One Student Injured","duration":"3:00","description":"Sheriff Robinson identifies suspect as Karl Halverson Pierson, 18.","url":"/US/video/shooting-arapahoe-high-school-gunman-dead-student-injured-21217541","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}