Shooting that killed 6 at Jewish deli in Jersey City was 'targeted': Officials

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop said security footage "clearly" shows the perpetrators, who were shot to death by police after an hours-long gunfight, were out to kill people inside the market.
10:13 | 12/11/19

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Transcript for Shooting that killed 6 at Jewish deli in Jersey City was 'targeted': Officials
Sources identified. The suspect as David Anderson and Francine Graham they were believed to be followers of the black Israel light. A group that expresses hatred toward Jews and at least one suspect had recently posted anti Semitic statements. Online we also have new details on the victims who lost their lives are rabbi identifying two of them as 24 year old Mori should door chip. And 33 year old Mendel for friends they mother of five the identity of a third victim has not been and now. The shooters killed detective jokes of seals himself a father of five before storming the Kosher supermarket. In a team of reporters covering the attacks starting with Eyewitness News reporter Derek Waller lie at yeah. And surely so many new details that have happened this morning and right now here on Martin Luther King drive. So much going on to concede is actually crews that are are trying to work. Pair of the front of this store the this is where those two suspects ever just identified pull it by police this is where they were killed yesterday and you're about to hear why it's always believed. This was a targeted attack. Telling we were war that's sort of felt they're telling that the storm out here maybe we grab war of those gunshots went on for. Hours to gunman barricaded themselves inside to Jersey City Kosher supermarket and murdered three by strangers including that she was clerk and those who owner. To date she was emergency services crews were they are collecting blood. And personal items for funerals we ruby believes this was a targeted attack on his Jewish faith. The assumption is that they actually were targeting the next door which is this synagogue in the upstairs it was a big here each route forty students. Extorted at the bay view cemetery where detectives confronted two men wanted in connection to weaken murder in Bayonne. They shot and killed a veteran detective and took off in a stolen van and police say surveillance video shows what happened next. Oh they parked the van. They exited the van would derive with the long guns in their hand and immediately began firing put the location. That we lost three of our citizens and yesterday so I had never multiple other people on the street so there were many other targets available to them that they bypass. Police say those two gunmen fired hundreds of rounds from inside that grocery store and some of those rounds actually made it across the street to this Catholic school you can cedars. Bullet holes in the classroom windows. It in fact they were students inside the school at the time. Today the secret. Our school's smallness that he is that you heard none of the keys that get hurt but two cops on patrol at the supermarket were shot as CA gauge the gunman. Holding that they are likely predicting more deaths. From what we can tell the cctv cameras had they not responded and had they not been there in that location. More than likely more people would have died. And so now the Jewish community here in Jersey City is all on alert and in fact tonight. At 730 there is a community healing service that's happening at temple Beth el. On Kennedy boulevard. Reporting live here in Jersey City under Paula channel seven Eyewitness News. Derek came here. Slain officer Joseph seals was a thirteen year veteran husband and father of five he was shot and killed. Before the standoff in the Jewish supermarket. Today he's being remembered as a hero. Eyewitness News reporter Candice McAllen has more from Jersey City. There is support coming in from all over the country and now multiple fund raisers set out to support the failing a detective Joseph C. It doesn't matter who you ask about detective Joseph seals they think he made an impact every angle of his life. At home where the forty year old was a husband and father of five excellent family man. And loved his children to the streets of Jersey City where he spent more than thirteen years trying to make the community safer. He was our leading police officer removing guns from a street. Dozens. And dozens of handguns. Is responsible. For removed from the street. But his impact coming to an untimely end Tuesday it was at this cemetery and Garfield avenue were Jersey city police chief Michael Kelly says the detective. Was trying to intercept backpacks when he was shot and killed. We cried with the family it's one of the hardest things that you ever have to see your entire life again. Nobody expected him shores detective skills not to return home. Deals worked at the Hudson county jail before joining Jersey City PD and 2006. Starting in the city south district one of the busiest precincts in the states. Just two years ago he was promoted to detective. Working in this cease fire here. Neighbors saying his devotion to the Stanley with unmatched the detective picking up the side job and flooring to support that. It means that the community now turning to hold his family in their hardest time. I just pray that god looks after. It's hopefully and gave his life from a line of duty under the name of service to his community. Our sadness comes wielded immense debt of gratitude for his service. The sacrifice detective seals was the 35 officer to die here in Jersey City and the line of duty and can't discount channel seven Eyewitness News. Students returned to class today after the schools in Jersey City were put on lockdown during that shooting but it was far from a normal day. Some of the students we spoke with at PS 29 are still shaken up over this scare. Eyewitness News reporter Toni Yates live outside the school tutors city would more. Good afternoon dating you can imagine that lots of parents took their kids home last night in had to have long conversations. About what happened then sit down themselves someplace and calm their own nerves they get up this morning and bring their kids back to school we did speak to one father. Who said he was very nervous about yesterday but not today. The DM no pluggable all of this put his way of what to do with the job. The footage that it'd be the police and it is the job. Teachers and kids return to classrooms today after a long and terrifying day of a lock downs across the district yesterday. As police confronted the armed attackers who blasted guns to the streets at PS 29 this morning kids and teachers talk about hunkering down. Why just blocks away that shootout was on. My little girl. We didn't say anything silly because the F theater they every game. First game that got the perfect and so he didn't say anything. Fans. Yeah. Extend that he'd foul air you can't. Arnold backgrounds in the air know about yeah. Action not apple asked. It was a delayed opening this morning and plenty of parents did return their kids to school. No one hurt none of these schools compromised the superintendent proud of that but the incidence. Makes them want to talk even more about preparedness moving forward. Lockdown. Is the new normal. How positions that we know want to be able to. You don't recognize a lark something that you know we do on a regular basis. It's very frightened it's very scary. In all sorts of things you know going through the minds of children and adults when these kind of things happen. But unfortunate this point on this day and age it's a practice that's necessary. Counselors will be available for children and their families if need be yesterday was a huge coordinated effort throughout the school district. To make sure that those students and teachers were safe and they holds about seamlessly. For now we're live here in Jersey City Tony it's channel seven Eyewitness News. Thank you for that. This morning that New York City mayor buildup Lazio's updated us on the city's response to the shooting he says the NYPD. Is on high alert even now there is no credible threat to the city. Political reporter Dave Evans is live at City Hall with the very latest Dave. Let's related issues the mayor repeated several times that there is no known threat to New York City. To the Jewish community because of what happened in Jersey City yesterday but he said there is profound concern over the entire tristate area he said there is a sense of sorrow. Anger and a real sense of urgency. Yesterday the mayor ordered extra police units to synagogues and other major Jewish organizations in the city. Also this morning the police Brewster announced a new unit of 4445. Members from different agencies they will be focusing on hate groups in terrorism. Now New York City in 2019 we had a point 2% increase in anti Semitic attacks. Today the mayor and Jewish leaders said this is age old bigotry that has now. Resurfaced in our area. This. Confirms a sad truth there's a crisis of anti semitism gripping this nation. There's a crisis of anti semitism in this city. It has continued to take on a more and more violent formal all over this country. Now we have seen this. Extraordinarily. Extreme. Form of violence. Reached a doorstep of New York City cop. Can we. As a community as people. BA that. Just on the say. Excited for that. Thank you put forward to doing but the society. We have the federal state and city government local go on the working for the need to get there. Erase that hates. And the new police commissioner Dermot Shea said that there. For some reason a lot of young people are committing these anti Semitic attacks in New York City. And he said that for some reason they think that it's funny to paint a swastika or to scare grouper jurors children but he said it is simply ignorance and hatred and he said young people need to learn more about the Holocaust. And the long history of suffering. Of the Jewish people for now we're live at City Hall that on channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"duration":"10:13","description":"Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop said security footage \"clearly\" shows the perpetrators, who were shot to death by police after an hours-long gunfight, were out to kill people inside the market.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67660343","title":"Shooting that killed 6 at Jewish deli in Jersey City was 'targeted': Officials","url":"/US/video/shooting-killed-jewish-deli-jersey-city-targeted-officials-67660343"}