Sisters finally meet after 47 years apart

April Kreppel was only 2 years old when her younger sister was given up for adoption.
3:00 | 01/31/18

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Transcript for Sisters finally meet after 47 years apart
Eric. Emotional hugs and airports aren't unusual but this one is pretty special and because this one involves two sisters who had never met until right now nearly half a century after they were born. I found out his nineteen years old and up. My mom let me know that I had a sister out there. April propel was two years old and her sister Jennifer was born may lead to New York. Jennifer was given up for adoption. Mom had said that she couldn't afford her so she had to give her. A good home. And nobody ever told April she had a sister and Jennifer's adopt a family never told her that she had assist. I always wanted you minds by biological parents not to replace my name my adoptive family but you. Does that carry out the NC where my roots were. But the adoption records were sealed when she was 27 Jennifer was finally able to get the state to give her some information. Which is when I found out that existed that was two years older than me. Which made me want to find them even more. But without more details their searches were unsuccessful. Fast forward twenty years Jennifer tried Ancestry.Com. A web site that helps Trace your roots. She found one distant relative who connected to another. And to another and finally to April who now lives in Wellington. Which brings us back to the airport and two sisters finally together. Our daughters that are there are so happy that they've listened to a swine about it divisions they weren't maybe. They spent the week together we have a child that are people saying it never knew we spent together. I think in and he. An amazing. Neat thing about my life. You know. I look at her and I feel like I've known her my life forever she can't see so much more than I ever expect that she will never get away from me the. In Lake Worth. And then Mike WPBF 25 news. I.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"April Kreppel was only 2 years old when her younger sister was given up for adoption.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"52739184","title":"Sisters finally meet after 47 years apart","url":"/US/video/sisters-finally-meet-47-years-52739184"}