Skirball fire burns close to Getty Center in Los Angeles

Wildfires continue to ravage Southern California, forcing thousands to evacuate.
3:00 | 12/06/17

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Transcript for Skirball fire burns close to Getty Center in Los Angeles
Today we're here in office. This fire break plus there apparently feels very pleased. Ian. Work. You. One right now that we see it means smoke. And the Portland live I thought firefighters got there at this team. And they are here in the neighboring hill right now I'd talk teen happening and eat that and called on mom but they. Evening alum Bob that day is is when the queen's RT there at the image that they're taking time to let out. Smaller fire hot spots like burning and they are all over the hill. It is a little hard to read about here people have asked Klein. And they air is filled with smoke. Eighteen year average for the firefighters. Are on the other side of this hill and now there are her fire chief engineer and all of them and they'll mart where he. Morning in real market. The distraction and he's hired me. There's no homework in Wal-Mart and became overextended tired this morning winding road. The network right now. The fire that their umpire would report its. Before 5 AM morning be eating here Mulholland drive. Carry about where. No immediate report that the injury yeah. But that means we're threatening again and again it being any better at night is where we're very close right now. We've seen retirement. Right here I'm not a lot to get close there and then man. The went on I haven't actually eat that much large clean your I have all the planes and a lot of that. Again the fire at him and told me shortly appointment live. That if he. What they called mom but he again that we are hearing it and the queen are big read in that he fires have become such an issue. Going popping up. A different area. Several other wildfires burning feeling that not only. I'm thousand acres on the fire and entering county. The one outlet in. And out acre fire in Sylmar. Here at. 7000 acre Bryant hiring in every day area. Again the queen right now I have not been feeling very powerful clean. Early this morning driving up they'll mark what I did find mine are what killings in in the feeling like they're with a lot of weaned on the replay. Night and then right now that we have been home but again Nader earned that he had that apparently did eat and eat anything that they have been. It means hot popping up coming up on an off over the course of the day over the port that night. And that is what firefighters and officials are feel fearful it that there will be more. More lean back blade. The wind at 150. Acre brushfire erupted morning municipal that it past. It can't meet its pre evacuation order and the closure of over five freeway at that. Northbound lane being closed at about half an hour ago. Again at least four homes destroyed and he had seen lines without leaning on that night. More than 350. Firefighters. And there have been caught up. I have seen it fly overhead and not. I'm the moment. But there have been helicoptered. In that area is well. Right ever seen. The water and on the plane that mop up eat what they are calling it. How Mahler hot spot. In that get Roland is to reach and and that the art will not. Brad. It looked very many here. General area. And I. More of the held in. Around now way. Back to you. In the house is. And had been earning. Independent film. Again it's area is. Ointment from the public here. But this now had they known. One in on him. Driving over his film are mourning the night we mean balance. Very scary. You're driving experience in the areas like this it's looking diet you're actually seeing the sign it here it's dark. Covered by so much smoke. And officials are staying heat cared. To be careful in this kind of weather because they can be very dean dressed. To make sure not to do you anything strenuous outside your line. And again at home that we originally thought here and flames. And you aren't looking at them now what I have noticed is that when Andrew the queen's picks up and blows. This smokes does seem to get stronger and it doesn't become more powerful and overwhelming on him along. Eaton is close to the plane is definitely hard to green cards free. And it snapped like this that. Reporters in the area are wearing people in the area are wearing. To protect their lungs. Still it is the window that picked up on them and I carried around nine weeks. Makes it difficult to agree and even in your heart your smelling if you're driving over. Even in people's homes they're smiling and games officials say they. Spring Texas. Inside your home in this milky area like this. It's not recommend it. If people are wary officials have told as they made it patients. Check on social media and certainly there. Local stations to see if there have been. Any activation. More warnings issued in their area check your local reports. Of course we have reporting on our local AB CA website as well as our National League east website. He could go there and make sure to check out our beat the heat is where we have information as well on these tires and if your local station had defeat the heat is not your buyers shouldn't have to that I. It's important to stay informed talk Tierney first talked to keep. People in that area. Although we're not meet principal Brett Winkelman had a healthy he's the a lot of there are coming down there. T that I have seen working on it as well. And before we went live right over here. There had been. Flames actually. That I. Still many good at. Los Angeles county east stretching on the weekend who they'll aren't here to Bel Air. To venture. An earlier in film I'm he had been torn from. Again more than 350 firefighters. And there are helicopters. It's hard to eat them and they know. If you knew where we are. Here in hard line behind me hills in very close. Game. I'm in right down here. And looking up Q I'm nine and not a break. Should be hearing today. It is covered by a layer. Now the inning in a winning pass. Clean prevent. Kelly I'm. Another major you can and. And that again is life. Calling in the pond in the wind down from now. I. But does. The wind out of nanny friend in the life like. Like here where brush fires. On the the only. Rollins helped write about when their opening night go clean and the fire look at night downside here. Friday afternoon. No word on the part of the mom happy. More water now. As the link that they feel that we. It's not apparently aren't in the mode. Actually particles flying act that comes on how they came. Ethiopia. You know that they'll look like doing it now but if those white members wait in line and the mighty. Look at her crying now embers are thinking they don't want to look around those. Members and its will be higher. Ash. Watching it and if you're in Experian 888. More chicken social media. Checking the your local fire department hires. Later. Among iron here from great.

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{"id":51626522,"title":"Skirball fire burns close to Getty Center in Los Angeles","duration":"3:00","description":"Wildfires continue to ravage Southern California, forcing thousands to evacuate.","url":"/US/video/skirball-fire-burns-close-getty-center-los-angeles-51626522","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}