Slain Football Player's Sister: 'We Talked Every Day'

Olivia Thibou remembers her big brother Odin Lloyd as a protective father figure who always smiled.
3:35 | 06/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Slain Football Player's Sister: 'We Talked Every Day'
ABC news exclusive the sister of slain semi pro football player Oden Lloyd. Opened up about the night her mother received the call that every parent fears. She told us about what made her brother special. -- she's coping with her loss. But when talking about he's accused killer former New England patriot -- -- Hernandez the topic. Was overwhelming. ABC's John Tripp and sat down with Olivia to -- in -- emotional interview. I was in my -- -- -- and -- fan. Told me that places on the phone talking my mom. And I got. Just thinking why would they be on the phone with parent and I -- say you know -- them send. And I immediately called him a couple -- this meeting in San. I'm so -- to panic and then. My mom says that the -- say that there can come down intact hat and I immediately to stop at a -- anything. She acts -- whack me you know until crash we don't know what's gone on and I you know I told her that the police just still coming down. You know. 45 minutes away to tell us anything that it. It's confused saying here I don't think there's anything back pain and Kundun -- their -- taken away. At a -- and again today you know process everything itself -- like yesterday that we just found it happens I think I ache I have you live. Every day and -- jeans and go to sleep and I have every live -- everything that's fat -- sit on TV. I mean live and denying that we found I mean -- is. Just -- anything. Even when -- sleep and it and I feel like is just a bad -- then I'm just not leaking out from and even sometimes -- a day closed my view is just hoping to have week and decent -- and snack. What do you want. America to know about your brother. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the funniest -- me the most content person. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- need two years apparent so we've been again and since I could your mammogram. He's -- he's been. Protect and provide and Alan -- said thinking back in his mind that -- it I think my brother and I talked every game. Would you Dillon. House where. -- -- money could work -- and just -- Always been -- pressing keep me grounded. My Austin cousin lassie he kind of coached me. Fat -- that time me you know how to handle things in. Commandments just ten -- in big Brad May did everything about it being president would do -- was a society -- I -- akin. To scrap of everything that I'm -- him as he's just a funny guy he always had a Lee. -- you laugh smile he always smiled. He said that's on as he was -- there was always a reason this -- -- I was anybody Christine and me him. And that -- Police say Hernandez orchestrated the execution style shooting of his friend because he had talked with the quote wrong people at a nightclub. Fernandez is also under investigation for a drive by shooting last year in Boston that left two people --

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{"id":19522432,"title":"Slain Football Player's Sister: 'We Talked Every Day'","duration":"3:35","description":"Olivia Thibou remembers her big brother Odin Lloyd as a protective father figure who always smiled.","url":"/US/video/slain-football-player-odin-lloyds-sister-talked-day-19522432","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}