Smithsonian debuts ZooLights

The Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, D.C. showcases its annual light show display, Zoolights.
2:06 | 12/13/19

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Transcript for Smithsonian debuts ZooLights
Before we leave you one and on a happy note. That's gonna do zoo has some means you it's unlike so actually does you lights are always a big thing here and ban any of our colleague Jack EU is actually out there speaking. Some people enjoying them their. Quite pretty take a look at Jackie got. Chinese land animals. And. The welcome to our thirteenth annual lights at the Smithsonian's national. What is relates particularly special. Is that it there's something here for everyone falling wages it's really it's a first date night it's a proposal night but it's a family knives. And I just think it's a great evening outside. In the zoo. Lines in negative outlook and that you're right there. Yeah. Yeah and. They're over 500000. LED lights in the part. It's true users are telling the buses and sparkling and you'll see lots of animals silhouettes. And new this year. We have Chinese lend turn animals. We have an art installation. At the bottom of the zoo. End we're debuting. Are virtual reality film tonight. Pandemonium. He looked up feeling down you look around their hand as Manny and so it's happy holidays from Smithsonian's national sales. OK so the zoo like upper Dublin have you I have. Would you like it I liked it but my husband that we went together and he looked at that animals were actually Illinois have lights on them. Which is ridiculous the only concern I have known known an epic play good night and any reason there's been a relentless is just ridiculous that they enjoy your husband what's wrong I know ions in and can be embarrassed that I mentioned ordinances but the with a nice guy I can't really. A quick though so it's open actually going through New Year's except for the holidays just like smuggling that is I was coming in I I I think the Fed it director Obama and number. I did and a 500 that's.

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{"duration":"2:06","description":"The Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, D.C. showcases its annual light show display, Zoolights.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67721702","title":"Smithsonian debuts ZooLights","url":"/US/video/smithsonian-debuts-zoolights-67721702"}