Snapchat's 'Snapbot' Launches New Spectacles

ABC News' Olivia Smith talks with some of the first customers to experience Snapchat's wearable camera lenses.
10:03 | 11/10/16

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Transcript for Snapchat's 'Snapbot' Launches New Spectacles
I'm oblivious that the EU. Hearing that California had the earth. Hot machine in the country it's no act they're telling. Spectacle they. Keep it connects. Aren't I can't hate. But the court found that hurt. Now on machines that we landed. Day they think about online and I have been other machines they're going to be sleeping in the future throughout the country. There wherever they land and air for about it the Clinton years might average. Live members science will keep weeding out and he ultimately it. The green habits for air up its act and even as she worked it out. And looking at it actually eat them on here and act like how they like her life. It looked like before you night and putting your credit card 130 dollars I hacked. The bikes you are an attempt wind has. It is limited gas and those who are buying you actually having building and telling accident and that people have been telling them to people here brats. 500 dollars and to bring its few people right now. To comment summits bring joining it on the let's not dance team he might then. I think it is not yet. Kathy well. You know they're. I'm keen to get it. As well. Leave frank man very tall French Manning's around our text means like. I recently didn't finish that's our accent isn't advertisements. Get snapped check back I had no idea at work. I looked at frequently than a half miles from here. I thought my friend Jesse and his bounced again you know has yet again this new technology partners like us the the line that theory wrong I immediately thanks very actually get it can't pack rat Yang you know sometimes. You gotta hustle. I wasn't gonna cut the line photos and a somebody that was further out of basically. Percent praising him for some reason they're letting people buy into what I don't think it's fair since everybody's vying to. If someone didn't want the second pero offered me very they're less than like Ari you're buying two so one of those affairs at your mind off by yours or. The last. Taken out and taken out Bennett written I'll bring them out Macomb but. Okay and he's spectacle. This act that act as. The chat acted. It hurt others and as telling them look like it looked like let's see who want to put him alone unpalatable even among county MI and am trying ion. Now I'll press the button I am at entrances there have that kind of Salina we'll see. Actually our accident on. May eighth like regular last yet. They're tired it feels like you're getting I've protected from the un and on that it could change if you look let me this. Is this where to eat red light and excellence OK that have bragging that lots patent. Did what they look like. And he is being pressed a button it takes ten seconds of video ever seen and then import your your. Thomas and Eric. And act. And threatening tactics yet made double. And my pregnancy wasn't so lucky. I hate triple. I'm vegetable. It. Not true. The they Google. He's. He had house. Yardeni he's from Philly I'm from new York and he didn't aren't possible mentality he's learning Phillies got a little hostile amendment New York's number I'll go to. Showed up who were in line I lost my clients and how much are you know real New York hustler adapts and they get a better deal but I. And they are calling on all right now and again Rick telling you people are. At nine LIV. Eight. I 88 yeah. Yeah. I'm at it that you didn't get in your ear and that outlook boring at her. Botanists. And act had. Not missed overnight say they eat elbit. Independently. They think believed carried out here is tired after victory yet that day and start telling them well. That snapped on the scene front Matt Patton acted. And I'm outlining and it showed you. On elm and we're on at the port locking and it how boring at. On the line here. Is that closer do you have the miss teen. The people stand there and ask Britney actually have to eat a lot and and make a decision if they want to buy them for 130 unpack. And here is the line connecting all the Allen the art that funny. Tom. His win in line for quite awhile I haven't said yeah. Secrets of Sunday in depth of water. But even now. They told me that it Nixon coming on any given time line. I don't think different think different Leppert they exit by T apparently. I don't and then people here are saying now he only got one there and Ed not again not that I could just be everywhere that's just suggested. And they want people to get one so obviously this line of cleverness and they don't hits. You know that only without spectacles. Yeah. This is when and where it now snaps employees are going on everywhere and always on it matches summer when they're baptists she kind of get infested seen. Dispersants Benoit. A couple hours now. Evenly. Yeah belonging. But in an hour I spoke out earlier on sweet young learning that that she timing coming out and let. About thirty. Minutes remaining but not. I'm limited subversion. I know it's ten seconds when you swiping your condiments what color you want. They're factoring in that trying to figure out what went right that's you can go there yet how they look. Yeah it is that its attacks in this it's digital and development. Him the cake and an outpouring at the earth plot machines through snapped pack your spelling spectacles sunglasses is. Act neck team that app and that he. Out I'm sure what else they do you I'm it's unclear if they use the filter that you does it not been a little miss. Mysterious snatch have been very good about keeping it mysterious and again I think it's breaking that there at this height. Of this line thing here's that I got here more than an hour ago it stretches. All the way back. Public act. And act that racked up. So many people here early air. On people of all aged men than in Q. Hadley it's only needed five minutes has purchased it. Off someone we did it on T comment to the mine earlier you can purchase them for teeth sixty from online. That you purchased them for 500 I think people come up. To keep slot machine that they hope he gets he'll get you 500. I happened multiple times but I think here again eat. Other people are tighten up him up on them. Now you keep an act. The thing that snapped Amish teens. And instantly and let that cat has had carried it here look like that and vending machine it up for 24 hours. Haines. And their cabinet multiple locations they're out that kind. I think it's spectacle dot com and eBay they're going to be coming. But today I just think again and again Bryant. Trying get as close that off well. Because someone is hurt I think right now. And again making it healthy outlook on equity and credit actually did I meet the purchase. For hundreds of dollars black. Immediately come back at the height as the event last fruit eating. And they are about that it's kinda mind aids UC your eyes they keep opera at protection and and it hot. Little button. Diet and making them Wear it. And they are different and they are different from Google last instantly that it's not augmented reality it is to get a camera. Though part that's all that's pretty clear about them and had an area. I. And here you got to hear the full view of that snapped up the scene. And people like the team that they either heard from where that now support from social me people high. Yeah on different web site if not on twittered it to grand. In. Some even had his boss hasn't come down earrings and remind people timing people that how on it's not. Along national lines it and again that the average week and I'm hearing about three hours. That would let you got here really merely outlined really does stretched and art are back down into the part time. It's hot out here. Again we're on the court locked in and it talent Laurie. And night that any day. And in the pot machine on the habitat acted well. They keep coming from I'm seeing I'm looking at Matt.

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{"duration":"10:03","description":"ABC News' Olivia Smith talks with some of the first customers to experience Snapchat's wearable camera lenses. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"43454524","title":"Snapchat's 'Snapbot' Launches New Spectacles","url":"/US/video/snapchats-snapbot-launches-spectacles-43454524"}