Sonic Boom Rocks New Jersey

The boom was centered north of Hammontown, N.J.
1:21 | 01/28/16

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Transcript for Sonic Boom Rocks New Jersey
Local authorities in New Jersey were swamped with callers who are asking just that question this afternoon many people wondering if it was an earthquake. But we now believe it was a sonic boom the question though what about boom culled from. This is the area where people reported shaking in tremors from Cape May county New Jersey all the way to Amityville on Long Island. The first tremors began about 130 vacant for about forty minutes police departments across New Jersey took to social media to inform residents Barney get policed waiting. We are experiencing some minor seismic activity and we are investigating saying we will update further as we gather renfro surf city police tweet it. Please note we're still unsure of the cause of today's tremors lots of speculation on the cause. Now there were no measurable tremors and we now do believe that this was a sonic boom that originated about two miles northeast of Hammond to New Jersey. Of course any sonic boom would have to come from a military aircraft because no civilian craft can go the 721. Miles an hour that it takes to create the boat so now the question is. Whose aircraft went that fast has McGwire tells us they have no aircraft right now capable of supersonic flight. And that they weren't even conducting any ground artillery training today it's out. We're still checking we'll keep you posted. We do know though there's something similar to this just happened off the coast of South Carolina and I know they happen to do a lot of military flight training down there in that area so when we know we'll let you know.

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{"id":36579775,"title":"Sonic Boom Rocks New Jersey","duration":"1:21","description":"The boom was centered north of Hammontown, N.J.","url":"/US/video/sonic-boom-rocks-jersey-36579775","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}