Former GOP insider: 'There's something wrong with this party'

Amna Nawaz sits down with Nelson, a conservative African-American attorney who spent years working in the Republican Party before turning her back on it.
44:29 | 08/28/17

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Transcript for Former GOP insider: 'There's something wrong with this party'
Hey everybody I'm on the no welcome to uncomfortable the goal here is to have honest. And plunging conversations. Some that things that may divide us as Americans like to take the ideas. And shake him around so I'm really excited today to welcome Sophia A Nelson to the child I you and thanks for having me I'm excited to be here thank you for coming. So we should note you are the author of the book. He pillar of its one. Re claiming our founders' vision for a united America. Yes congratulations on the pinkie. I know it's been out for a bit now that it's sort of coming up in conversation again and again. Because of everything we're going through. As a country which were gonna talk about for sure if the what is really do here also. It's kind of understand our guests how they got to where they are today I'd like to know. Everything and it allies. About your child. Hi my hero it now. Well do I just had a big birthday in January turned fifty. And done is traumatized as I am by. A it is very big part in the everybody is there and saw people and seen about thirty years or more but it was street my girl my dad was in the military in the army so. Kind of all over. Mostly in the northeastern southeastern you only nine states region and them. So I grew up with a melting pot of people. We're an African American family and will be moved into our neighbor and we were the first black families so I vividly remember that as a child and kinda. Way that was not so well receipt. The day and ultimately even neighbors and you know we became part of the community and you grew up there went to high school and went off to college but so I grow with the melting pot of Irish Catholics at tying Catholics polish Catholics and and then us is pen down you know. So it was good for me I think in and helped to you for me as a person who. Appreciated other people and other experiences which have tried to carry throughout the rest of my life so my early childhood. In southern New Jersey actually didn't write it the foot of Philadelphia. And then again you know we moved or and a little I was actually born in Munich Germany. Oh OK Mike that was stationed on Checkpoint Charlie which was the wall which no longer exists that's how old and and done that you live there I think toast to a cuts I don't remember Danny I wanna go back certainly am I've never been to Munich and hope to go at some point Tina. Visit and but so I have this interest in back and have one brother who also was a military officer. Retired. But el 22 parents to kids. Normal. Middle class family who. We knew we were gonna go to college that was a no brainer both my parents are pretty poor and them. You know I think that they really stressed that we would have to do something different we have to you know my mom I remember saying I think it was in for street. Ceemea doctor or lawyer which one pick one. It's one of the other and I like the top so we knew it was going to be Lana medicine and so yes I think had a normal child did. Growing up eight a young woman of color. In neighborhoods where there weren't other families light yours yet what does that mean for you or the lessons. That you learned now I'm T kindergarten at the same people I went high school and ironically my high school. How about 800 people totals each class at about two something I was class president all four years. Again it is black girl who did very well with. People who didn't look like her and I guess I just hope I never thought about if it didn't click with me. My daddy's my dad's mother. She's deceased as Caucasian and so. My grandmother. Being whitening have been my great grandfather. Way to remember him time I was seventeen died. And so many debts it it was in my family so it didn't faze me I don't know but. I do is somehow managed tune. Deal with people as people even as a young person and have them treat me this scene which was really interesting. But when I look back at look into my high school yearbook you know when you get to be this aged looking back great. And if you look at some of the comments people need. About what they thought I would turn out to rein life. And it's almost double letter and they'll academy the first woman president of. That's gonna happen. Not Carolina. And an out maybe but few personnel carriers I say you are sending a standards as imminent are any YE. Very majority went I think we're. Blacks in my high school class yet I think this is that the parallel here sort of striking between the stories that you're telling about your family and Arab or what president of balmy to talk about. During his campaign gained early on as a senator when you can't walk into a room. Of white people and not see people who aren't like anti immigrant here is that similar trio very similar because again it's if it's how you girl it's your dinner table and you. You know it when my grandmother died she was 75 when she dies she guide to 2000 so it's been seventeen years now he. But I adored her because she was agreement linger with the other human lives Californians still alive it. Almost ninety she's me. Let my dad's house was our heart beat so that was normal to me and I remember we went to the store people would get a strangely. Why isn't lightly eagle that little black girls you know mean they actually my senior something that every question that she did I never forget wonder how we were and a and a strawberry include your which does he exist anymore outside of Philadelphia. Tell him. And she. Somebody said something Smart I don't know racial and my grandmother went ballistic. I don't remember the conversation but I remember when she said in scenario. You private army repeat what she's. Family friend. Thing to say she was not happy camper with and questions why she was with inches migrants routes in the but your talk in the 1970s. And you know only nineteen south and east it's a different world news. So much of your work now focuses on politics and social issues I'm sort of debate ideas. Of our time what without a single your house scoring up with at stressed Hewlett these are important things need to need to concern yourself when Tina I am the Alex. I met Jack can't. Sophomore years in state university. Was he played for the chargers he was running for president at the time that was the first election and voting. And I loved him instantly at that he was amazed him how he's differing. Anchor and it very democratic area household and so. Was politics of things only yes you know you were a panel of big thing law I knew my parents were heated Richard Nixon and I vividly remember her. And having books about him in. Nixon's palace guards and I have these images cheap she would have leaflets she became in the Matt around the time of Watergate play so she was drinking age nine and left so ward laid back about my mom definitely. And so for meat come on your Republican this whole area how to pack and you know they got over its. Now sure that act and full with that conversation. I think. Kids come home from college in say it mean I was you know again. A standout steam and doing well since fading give me much grief and painting had big I was straight laced girl scout did everything by the books they UniCredit in my case. Think I'll get it but it's it it lasted. Of those I was constantly Ian in the make up this morning that. You know the last three elections I mean you know. 08 and we welcome him I voted Democrat all three times definitely I'm concerned about yet thinks like that Quinn. Back when you met canned because you talked about that pivotal moment for you what did it mean to you Chris growing up in hearing about Nixon like these are what Republicans aren't what spoke TU. That said. Yes this is the party could. To join a political either excellent spoke to you about what you are seeing that said these are the folks from college if you remember about Jack and he was everybody's favorite Republican right because heat. Was conservative on taxes and fiscal things in defense but. Very much cancer with a conscience he understood you know as a football player here is a guy he said I'm gonna room with black players and outward plea in there. So here is a guy he came up programs or right here in and so he was talking about the importance for African Americans TB part both parties. He is talking about the importance of African Americans in in the history of the Republican Party in really good up until. Real me. Makes its sixty rate means mean that pivotal moment where the Democrats begin to get the black voters when JFK Klaus Crisco. When Martin takings in jail. That was a big ship because blacks were Republican Ali from linking all the way up to their most people don't know and so. Can't talked about the great legacy link in the Party of Lincoln but I'm of this economic. We talked about pulling yourself. That the government does play a role that African Americans in the legacy of being in ventures entry eaters and business owners and you know home ownership so he really wanted to empower. African Americans and people of color in only had their own destiny and they had their own stuff they can. M at they lived in Cabrini green's in. Saint Louis was or or wherever they work. His English you can own something. And we can help you do you can help create a better if you're in control that was very attractive to me it was different. As a lawyer then you went on to work for the party for years and years or anywhere you worked on the hill mark. Where he served on moon and Georgia do you Bush's guilty legal team is 2004 as well and then you wrote something that caught my attention. Because ultimately decided this party no longer speaks to me and when he made that decision you wrote that she says throughout my years in the GOP. I came to see that loyal and dedicated African American Republicans like me. Were not welcome in the party. What humor and it's still true and you know I wish my friend Michael Steele here's. He used against her we can go in. He'll be open runner only long time yet and you know it was never comfortable place in the Republican Party there are you know once George Herbert Walker Bush and Eddie but she's the first person I worked for a work for senator Pete Wilson and those moderate Republicans. And it would work for Christie Whitman when it outlaw school wonderful I was hoping she would be our first female president. But she was pro choice so that was a death sentence for her in the GOP would just Ilyce happened to be pro light. I don't mind if someone else has a different point of view demand that's America. And so the Republican Party has morphed into this partied and has become very Y eight regional. Com the life where they've used each spent twenty years plus in this party what did you see happening either to you order other people that. Kind of built up over time. Wool all you have to do is look at where you see the Republican Party 2017 in the trumpet administration. There is in Carson is the secretary of her. That's pretty much it I'm very tied in to whose Keaton in whose what whatever. They called people like Meehan people like Michael Steele now. My girl Nikki Haley who love who thinks probably beat first female president she's at the UN she's due in agree Marie she was very critical of Trent during the campaign very critical wouldn't support she gets a job but the African American to criticize trot. They are banished they are black people no pun intended look at that young Meehan it was all over the news wires there was young man at Hyde. That had been hired young black male which so few of them right. Wants to support this administration good guy I think he supported somebody else in the primary when it cannot be fired him it was all over the national newspapers. That's the kind of foolishness the GOP does that really irks me. And they don't tapping TU there are a lot of good African American to conserve and served as president well. And help him build inroads but they're not interest in mean number roast is there but. You know that's a different conversation do you work in your years of service to the party do you think you were looked over. Or science but because you're African America I'm me is absolutely yes I Kelly in an hour the best comparison we are twelve days apart in age. We've been friends since our early twenties are mothers may each other and introduced as we grew up around the corner from each other. Working class blue collar kids we're this saint it you compare risen these were identical. One Ellis is a multi millionaire and in counselor to the present the other one does all right. But nowhere near that stress Virginia. Not blaming anybody anything but I am making a point a lot of what we see in our culture nail white women have made enormous strides. The real beneficiaries of affirmative action or white women and is not. Women of color were men of color the numbers just bear that out in the GOP. Magnify that times 200 again take a look at who trop has around him. They're there are no Sophia Nelson which is utterly ridiculous not that I would work for him he's not someone I would be comfortable working for. But Mike Sweeney is is that there are good people according passed over. Whereas begin if you were critical of him in the election year Caucasian or whatever that doesn't seem to be at issue. Kellyanne worked for Ted Cruz may and was very critical I'll try. Let me take you back to the moment where you decided this is not the party for Mika that was way preacher and wait wait that was 2008 are salary and 8000 acted she's four campaign which is cut that turned off just because it was the same home. It was this people you see him over and overcame their Reagor just heated there is a lot of black balling it goes and here's just a lot of insensitivity. Didn't practice politics. I'm do you think there was a racial component court it was clear in the numbers tell I don't need to see Austin look at the numbers and Republican Party. They're terrible for people of color and African Americans in particular. It's abysmal it's horrible it's embarrassing so here's. What I wonder if I was reading group is you've written a lot about it over the years since in 1980 doesn't for it against the heat in the nineties but really I mean really what you decided to leave yes. It took twenty years for you to get there yet. Why why did take so long flight think because I was working in the process and I am always an optimist on the eternal optimist and I think that I thought. That. I wanted to hold office I still do I'm sure I will run for something in the next six years or so. Definitely in Virginia. And but I was on that track if you go back and look at my resume. I ran from first opposite Tony seven years old and a three to one gimmick can eat up 40% of the vote in south Jersey and got the nomination for congress to falling your Sunday near times as a profile on me. And I have never racers help that she had drop out but. I always thought I'd go back but I did I just came to Washington caught up in light rain yet but my point is is that when I'm needed decision to break it was because they just it was a tipping point for Meehan think some of hostages maturing in August when you go into private practice the you know too big law firm and I just didn't wanna do anymore it was it was too brutalizing it was two what I mean that is just. On the U took place in your life. I'm a Christian I'm a person if they and I. That toxic energy yen one do something else even when he years few were in it wasn't even like you you were doing something else and you're like and I get that vote Republican you were little in the party like you had a seat at the tape a lot of us I didn't NS I had extended. That's agree not Poland became re maybe I got a look at the table for I never got SC begin looking. Look at my qualifications in my Reza me you tell me. Someone like me shouldn't. Have a big seat I've paid my d.s at visibly ill everything it doesn't matter and it's there are a whole lot of people like me and and that's what you see him they're they're a handful. Of people who. You know fit maybe more of what makes them comfortable on a show where we talk about what I'm com. In 2008 you voted for and senator Barack Obama DUDG then. And he was amazing. I thought he is a lifting body was hopeful. Young vibrant. No Senator McCain respect his service but there was no compares. And it was Obama's destiny I got to cover them I got to hang out Michelle Obama in in the garden and TU the Beckham announcement highlights of my life. You know in your view her covered them both. It was like a dream come true was just a blessing of things happen and highlight took off in every posit way once I left the GOP and so you did you agree with him policy. Not all of them but see here's the beauty of American talk about my book eat clerk was in and out of many one our founding motto our founding fathers understood something although we had sleeves at the time although women were not yet full citizens. We know that that was rob thank god we got that right. But this notion of one news comes from mark first and he wouldn't have to agree with everything you say I don't have to like everything you do to respect you. T hear you. To thank them. Well as get so there are a lot of things a President Obama did I don't like obamacare a lot of things he did light but I like the man. Violate the cut family Manny was I liked his family sees a lot better than what I've seen on the other side thank you very much. You know people call him a Muslim in the attack and it pains me is Christine because. They attacked this man for his faith and the new president who got a lot of support from the Christian. Community and it seemed go to church. I think he does with all due respect. I don't see this big man's face and Obama was set any curious when. When you meet Kaczynski you can like him and hang out with them and and get to know the family in support him and respect him but when you vote for someone you're putting someone in the office that you think. Believes in the same things that you do will send the country later action that you want to see it go. I mean. Policy wise. He's a Democrat. He had but I guess which start disagreement everything that you were doing for twenty years and the Republicans. I think that I disagree I don't think I have to T. Agree we Europe light QTU. Looking at my options like in this last election via it was clear who I was a network between McCain and Obama it was clear. Obama. Head of the Asian and he was positive yes he was African American in yes that. Influenced. Going to be armed and that he really about a man nodded as part of me and the FII and an act and I don't regret. Those votes. Do I agree with everything he did note I think he was a good president wants and I think that. He. Did a good job for the country announced nine other people who will hate me pursue in. That's just a true so when it people in the last election who voted for the man. He said that this is that guys I can get her mantra. You know I don't know to save them. That they would use the same reason to use its right to vote for President Obama. And to present you know Obama wasn't caught on tape saying some pretty unsavory things about what he do you women present in Obama didn't have a number of pending lawsuit sexual harassment allegations mean. Responders spec to you people. Trump had a lot of baggage and Hillary was attacked for having package which he knowed now. But there was definitely double standard and we saw something in this election and I think should check passes women. We haven't gone as far as we thought we have gone. The issue is clearly more qualified. Hour from the Clinton investigations. I was on those committees as a young Republican committee counsel. There are Republicans who. Could mean there's a cottage industry patent Clinton's. So I wasn't surprised when some of those things came up again but when I had to put Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's side by side and he's got temperament. Who like things can meet the better disease genes that Hillary was eons beyond regardless of things I don't like about her. I think that when you love your country you put country over party. You put country over partisanship and grant scenes neon American politics it is one big food fight up there. Where they all hate each other bloc each other black each other attack each other it's no longer about we the people it hasn't been for some time. You've spent so much time and party you had a unique perspective about how things work about the priorities about the power players when mr. trump was elected. You said people really shouldn't be surprised. He wrote me said that I actually see the natural consequences of the GOP's own choices when it comes to the elevation. Mr. trump what you mean by. Do you remember during the primaries and typically willing heat when it's clear he was gonna get the nomination and Republicans are scattering and in remember the window whole. He was gonna grab someone thing broke. They really scattered. I thought it was quite funny actually what did you think the evolution your party is going to be when you base and clean. Don't really engaged in women and women's rights and needs in this country. When you don't have any agenda for people of color African Americans which used to be your most natural constituency. From Lincoln all the way until the 1960s. And you've you've built the part you know on Nixon's southern strategy which has worked for them in the short term. But this last election. If you look at the demographics tells a story white people voted for this Meehan in test now what people are the majority in our country so. It worked he did terrible with communities of color he did better than Romanians and places true but. Black man. Black women most loyal voting base for Hillary Clinton 90% white women soul Hillary Clinton Heidi think he did better with Blackmon and I think it was sexism. Just call it is what it is I mean there aren't look I group neglect there's a lot of bug sexism in the black community black women in you solve a whole black women at work hash tag training and all of that. The way Maxine Waters was talked about the stereotype of the angry black woman I wrote my whole first book ram this notion and my point is is that men are still minute leaned in near mint tickling in my mind and we never vote for Obama for pres Abbe if it was me I don't think you would vote for me be proud. But I don't think you both for me because that is don't think he thinks Obama should be precedent did he know he's seventy year old doesn't mention president diesel school right. So Lansing is I think that Hillary caught that. Wave of mean hinges it didn't matter they Merck and and I think some of those were because. There could be no other reason they voted for Donald Trump I mean whoever your years you still have many friends venture republicans' future in. Did you raise these concerns in this agreement that he saw an open letter did Kelly you know I was last year yeah -- I mean there's an advance climbing all those years old and I don't think I'm I did but I was shut down and caught a trouble maker called an Eames black balled up kind of things that I've written about pretty openly in the Washington Post and other places over the years in. That's why finally got discussed and I'm like who. It was the only knowledge that this problems existed and say this is not we can't deal with this at this is not our you know part of our theater did they say no your that Iran is there again isn't yet if you we're talking Christie Whitman is she missing she'd say. That's what I mean think about someone like her who basically stet backs Republican politics people it Tom Ridge. The moderate conservative governors and people who were superstars in this party at one time. Kitchen right so if you want worker for them you know wasn't working for me. And so I think that we lost a lot of ground is a party from some really amazing people that we had who could've been a great service to their country. But they just Colin Powell look at call and a Republican just like me we have very similar values and thoughts and how many times as he just said Schick is it can't do this state was wrong with this party George will forget NC. As conservative as he gets wasn't happy with the dollar ultra victory and Asian know really railed on the GOP during the last election and said. Heeding consider himself a republic anymore because. There's a difference between being conservative on taxes and defensive ends at that and named. Attacking other people belittling people calling your country it's us vs them way. That's not where we wanna be that's not the United States of America you've also said you don't believe mr. trump is a racist but that he eat do you believe he's ignorant. I think he's a man of his generation he's a seventy year old very privileged white male who has. Never really hardy in his life. And in the world in which he is I mean you know on the inaugural he stance in the Frank Sinatra's Miley great song. But I think it tells a story. He's a man and a time warp he has no clue of bell people of color heat Frederick Douglass was still alive and when you know. Where is where is the line between being unaware. Or or ignorant of those issues and being racist the problem is is actually see into a man's heart rate can only look at what. He does and what he does. Does not look you and I would agree in terms of whether it's dealing with the the bands the travel man's immigration. Talking African American college presidents whatever it is yours ignorance there. It's eight to a level that I don't think I ever seen in a Prez before. And his staff is also very Aigner. That's why I wrote that open letter to Kelly in saint to her. I know you and I'm going for a long time you worked on my first book with me is a white woman about black one of them he did a great job. Would you do like Wang chief say and something about this so. Let's talk about that is since December Twain sixteen yes right so I think so mr. trump has won the election. And they're preparing for inauguration. And you wrote as a very. Passionate detailed open letter two million Connolly you've known her for years and years he's at it came up together and a lot of similarities. You expected in your Larry to expect better of her and him. And so will YE. Do you think she hasn't done the things that you want to see her you want to see her advise the president to make certain strong statements to stop seeing things a certain way. Why do you think she hasn't what. Let's look at the Lance 100 days. There's Kelly in pre inauguration and there's Kelly and post inauguration. They're two very different people and Europe call she got into a whole lot of hot water. In her being spokeswoman she convenient alternative sex seder so. For immediate answer that question as to why she has advised him Murray I would have did look it. What she's done in the first 180 and it hasn't helped her or been helpful. She got herself to a lot of trouble so I'll have to assume she's an alignment. Witness. What he believes him when he there's an and that's the conclusion had come to its isn't comfortable conclusion after after the election. The you know her. You could have raised those content those things were concerns months before retirees them trust batteries. Don't get in and lacking in too much into people's private conversations you can imagine you respect your friendships but. Trust me I've been we've in this flag for a long time and when. I think they care think and I just antley that it is something it's important. I think it was an unimportant. The issues that people like me you're raising the marched I just don't think it's important I think they think it's a nuisance and look at the comments. I think they believe they you know there was a pro life march forget but now the vice president. I know welcome I work with him and the government reform and oversight committee when he's a congressman it is good man got me and faithful to his he's good is vague solid year he believes this. Dominance is I think they really believe in you listen to Spicer you listen Kelly and the rhetoric. This is our time we are taken our country back. This is the way things should be dying it's it's all bad before us in acting in beliefs so. When somebody but eased and thinks that we it's really hard to move them in a different direction you know I mean there's huge true believers. But what. I mean from your perspective for the concerns that you've been raising about women's rights Andrew and racial equality in civil rights. Bibi to the thing they're ignoring all of that. It doesn't matter inches does not matter it's one thing to give a speech and to have talking points and say a week hear. Love is there is a verb is an agreement the east to say that it's its actions so don't tell me that you care about communities of color senator up. But you have rallies where people of color and punched in the peace and you know it's it's a very ugly kind of rhetoric that's coming out of the rallies at least leading up to the election me. And nobody seemed to care. The thing trump has gotten away with arts pounding Timmy but there informative and take this year in time he won. He did get my point so what does that say. Says a lot about where we are demographically and open my apple with this when ever you see your scene in France. You saw in Britain nationalism is on the rise all over the world. And that's because more people of color. The more Muslims immigrate over and she York the more uncomfortable they get. The more immigrants coming to in nine states of America the more comfortable we get because the white majority. A majority if it was black. Middle Eastern whenever it's the same thing. The big tribe doesn't like when the little tribes began to get power right so we he. We begin to oppress we begin to. Obstruct erect barriers. It's been consistent throughout human history so I'm not surprised which is what I said I'm you can see nail optically with the French election repent. And so I think that you can see more of this and I think that what is says is that there was a big group of people in this country Hillary Clinton did not talk to you. And she did not connect quit. Who when he change. Who were not happy with things. I don't think they were all racist I don't banking unit that's unfair. I think that they have a different lanes and I do as a woman of color eyelid a very different life in this country. Then does a Caucasian woman or someone else whether they want to believe there I really don't care I'm over you get if you don't care about what people thinking you just don't. Let me it is and the kind. So the political parties right because this is week where that a two party system here you know this is how we bring about legislative change on of them big level here. The last polls we have a show. Basically equaled discontent with the Democrats and their public including lake. Nearly 70%. Of people think Democrats are out of touch and just slightly less when he comes to the Republicans. Well I think they are at a touch if you look at Elizabeth mourned some of those people who gain good people play. You know. The issue if you take everything from whether it's gay rights to transgender rights to whatever. I think those issues became a real problem for the people that voted for truck you you understood remained a that the people who again where Eileen in the Bible Belt. An aunt and further south you know we have guns you know all those things it's a different cultural mindset so. The more liberal the Democrats were perceived is being completely out of touch with regular. The numbers aren't about Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders is there about it the other establishment Democrats Chuck Schumer written in Tupelo sees this guy got right party they think they're liberalism pointers they think they've gone too far left so we're in agreement. That that there's discontent on both sides but I think that. The Republican answer can't be the right way either eight he would beat his say. We're gonna take our country back us vs them because that is an American either still acting both of them are polarized. Where's the a lot of us in the middle because his center right country that this is the question and if. If that's where they are and that's the way people feel about them. Then where is the unity come from YouTube you talked about how the Republican Party is basically set itself up over the last several decades. To actively divide to remove a fraction of the country in word they we're not gonna speak TO. People feel equally discontent with the Democrats at this point so how are we supposed to come together. I think it's backed TV answers us the answers we the people and Mott the whole premise of my book is. It was never about governing it was never about them in the conquers. Our founders understood that government need to be small that it had to be a citizen informed run government in the day that that change we end up with what we have. Lobbyists run this country I was born in one of the world's biggest law firms. I can tell you about 2000 dollar lunches. And bottles of dom Perry on your members of congress. And the deals icky cut and the money that goes into appropriation bills people have no clue how jacked up. My words. That whole situation is on Capitol Hill it's not about us leamer we don't have a voice and so the only way that we eat fix this is that we have to fix this. And the beauty of our system is that we still of the par though. We have a system of government has checks and balances you know if you look at this for example the immigration ban discussion acting and their travel. It's it's a beautiful thing noble act the checks of power in our country no other place on earth has this. And so we really do have powers that people and I'm saying years. We're being plea if you will because we're fighting each other and we're not the enemy. Dean did the Mexicans who come across the border are not the problem. The Muslims who come in from other countries. Are not the problem. The problem is how we the people have disengage 50% in this country did not vote in the last election that's appalling. In a country where people have bled and died for the right to vote. There's dirt just to disengage were greedy it's about me as long as I have my BMW at my nice beautiful Northern Virginia house and on my stuff annaly Kara goes right if you that. In your career at this stage are that different. But you world. You were on hand you worked for this campaign you helped to built that system that you're now reeling. Dee which you. I don't agree that helped build anything think like I had this seat I asked why he could to participate. And united Arab Egypt while a lawyer in the firm lobbyist split. I worked in cyber Intel national secure I had a very different practice. And so my point is I wasn't appropriate your I got a lot. And I did a very unique different things. Did you national security that was my theory just so you know ranking. I wonder how many people who are part of that system then. At that left now is content I got out because two things one the money is. Awesome rate paid well you get is why you do it right you do it. And when you're young eager to appear law school and back turning to be honest I mean just told the tree does is me I'm telling you that. It's some point if you're young intern year whatever you get to go pay your duties and honestly could you gotta pay back. Those loans. He can't do it work in. Nonprofit use that it doesn't work however. What I Saul Guillen has prompted me to write the things I used to do the books identically is less what I'm disturbed and concerned. About where we far and I'm reason a flag a whole people going folks we awake this isn't good. And it really comes back to saying. We've had enough I'm disappoint in the past election in its Donald Trump it's bigger than the present the United States should tell the true. The Prez me nice the Sheen not beyond twitters and things could really cause global conflict. The prize in speech should be responsible his or her. Dialogue I don't think we've ever seen anything like this before ever Rick support ever how. You know the people in the party think it turned Republican Party into the party. Today but you'll name and went. And doesn't help anybody I think we would actually by name. Well but that's will be different but I know her right now I can talk from a first Saint Francis de. You worked on his book with me about black women and I went she was a pollster beaches. I was gonna prove the point adding Karen you were white one thing you could do your job you can help me you did. And as a relations act like they did you are getting nicer and Nina are stark people from. Well kinda RNC chairs in the past whatever they want big guy who was RNC chair forget Disney kin. Something you remember like around 04 he did an apology he and he was unheated Lance very young guy can't members named by. He was trying to you he understood Lee Atwater had he lived Lee Atwater Heatley of GOP be very different party. Not because leak cared Lee was strategic he was Smart and he was moving daddy bush direction. Big hit because remember Howard takes a whole and unfortunately he gets sick and I. I think if he w.s dad would have been reelected I think it would have been. The history but have been changed right might lean is is that there were some Republicans who got. And unfortunately those Republicans the rice and the Christie Whitman the time ridges that the bill well they're right because people didn't respond to Pamela because the party's fourth and Dayton they were forced they were they were never gonna go higher because they were pro choice Republicans and three. I mean. Christie Whitman you know the first female governor of New Jersey won the first one in governor's. Had the right family background. Attractive Smart Mary kids she and everything. And pro choice does George W. Bush really need picker for me any attempt to court. York market about how we come together. How we actually high it is. In the political sphere it happened. As such agree question perfect cast and it's. In we have to begin to come together in east. We have an interest in for what's right we begin to protect. Their people Henry's or. You know it was holocaust remembrance day. For sitting Sean Spicer meets at comments came in trouble leading gases peak hours on here it's. Ignorance is dangerous. In I bring in up to say you know the Holocaust. People teacher remembered hall cost is he didn't start with gas chambers started with. Divisiveness is starting with battery start with you nursing. The Jews are to blame for your problems term means it's their fault they having you don't it's pitting people against its. In the rest of us sitting on as do it 'cause I'm not due. It does something you. You're picking on Muslims in my neighborhood. And it involved an enemy the Amazon might be a big Christian I am. But Tim me my feet in Meehan that I treat other people right and that of others so have to do something. And what bothers me is we'll talk about where people will talk about these things but we turn are. We seem wrong. And we see people being treated wrong. Because it doesn't have anything do with. Its two. People to do had a it's not your politics that the go run for office because we need more people. Nothing has happened but it starts at the grassroots. Money Neiman starts in. You know wanted things I'm trying to do it then in our church and urging a big church and we have. Big box that's not too far as indecent but they were we like sit down and pop. I am trying to broker whose only one we have an conversation. Talk to each other. We may ever agreement can't repeat but we both believing guide. Can't we talk to each other and let's forget how we help each other how to protect you protect me. And I asked him attendance that they are remarkably similar across the organic exactly so once is that we have the fine our commonalities. We define things you know this and not divide it. I have more in common with some people that don't look like mean and they think invite first exit the and am now all we want all was we want a good life. We want yet be our families we want a vacation once tunnel. We you know we wanna laugh with our neighbors than a cook we just. Pretty much want this kind of basic things. And and I think we're forgetting because were caught up in. I don't have it because turf it's and that is asking and divided this country. Because it's sad that some of us were better than others. It's said that. You know. It was our country verses their country this all of our country we the people of the State's order form a more perfect. And so we have to run for office I need to expert Ebert fingers and there'll having kind regardless of party they've all been to they need to go. I wish we had term limits I think there things we could view. We just don't but we raise our east think this country. Because we like east. This of what we do this week we and a tiny computers here's an air pocket absolutely the Wayne that are run on the record. It's gonna give you and it and a vehement AM yeah wait for when of those senate seat become open in Virginia. And then but that I mean let's see. Mark Warner will probably be I would think he would run another term and then. I think we'll see what it looks like you know 56 understand that I should I should have amassed a fortune by and in being pretty good shape lake I'm. It is a big announcement thank you so much for being here for having me is fine. Thank you for listening to uncomfortable. If you like what we're doing taken minutes leave us the rating and a quick review it helps others define these conversations. And we really just want to hear what you think. Plus we made it easy just clicked on the link in the description of this episode. If you have an idea for a show topic for a gas from lead and their use or tweet acme. Patton about this that's an aide WA. DI FDA and boring use the hash tag uncomfortable talk. Uncomfortable with the production of ABC news new episodes post every 2 weeks on Tuesday morning. I'm on in the five thanks for listening.

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