SPECIAL REPORT: Police respond to active shooter at Capital Gazette newspaper

A Gazette reporter said multiple people were shot, according to The Baltimore Sun, which owns the Gazette.
5:02 | 06/28/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for SPECIAL REPORT: Police respond to active shooter at Capital Gazette newspaper
This is an ABC news. Now reporter. David Mueller. Good afternoon and we're coming on here this afternoon. Breaking news at this hour police have ATF are on the scene of the shooting at the capital gazette newspaper that's located in Annapolis Maryland. The shooting has been reported inside the building a gazette reporter. Who works there now says multiple people have been shot that has not been confirmed by police yet. They'll reporter at the paper says multiple people shot the White House says president trump has been briefed on the incident. Governor Larry Hogan tweeting he is quote absolutely devastated to learn of this tragedy in Annapolis. Our senior justice correspondent Pierre Thomas is following this breaking story with me this afternoon -- what have you learned. David devastating situation unfolding. Just got off to phone with a senior law enforcement official who says the information is preliminary. But that multiple people have been shot at that location. The target appears to have been that newspaper. The and that was capital gazette again multiple people shot some of the injuries I'm told by the source quite serious statement. So multiple people shop for most senior law enforcement source pier. Yes mobile mobile people shot. The source did not want to give he gave me specific numbers but said it's very fluid so we're not quite comfortable giving up those numbers yet David but he said. It's a grave situation. Multiple people shot. And said that some of the injuries. Probably would prove fatal. Here thank you as were on the scene as you can see reports of an active shooter at the capital gazette newspaper in. And capitalists Maryland again the president has been briefed this afternoon as you can see it's a very active scene there were pictures where you could see people working inside that newspaper. Were leaving the building evacuating the building obviously as. This was under way. But there are tweets coming in some observers who are there in the area one of the tweets right here from. For the police department saying confirming an active shooter at 88 and mesquite road and Annapolis obviously the location of the newspaper that building has been evacuated. Officers continuing to search the building relocation point is in sight Lord & Taylor in the mall. A sign of the times that they get these tweets out very quickly from these local police departments. Let's get to former FBI agent Brad Garrett who joins us on the phone and Brad obviously when you hear of the location. That this was inside. A newspaper where this active shooter situation is unfolding what does this tell you. Well it. Was new there has been something in reference to the newspaper I would look at what they have recently published. In particular today. Is there something in an article and editorial. That would lead them potentially to someone. Did the shooter actually say something. Before he committed to shooting it may also give them some insight as to what the motivation might date. Obviously we don't know a motive at this hour we certainly don't even know. Whether there's anyone in custody though Brad Garrett. An analyst for ABC obviously former FBI. Authority himself. Able to point out the fact that this is a news favor certainly going to be. Part of this investigation figuring out why someone would go in and target people inside the newspaper peer continues to get. Information from his sources so let's go back to Pierre Thomas what have you learned here. So David the FBI has arrived at the scene there assisting the local police as is the ATF. We are being told by sources that they. Want to make sure that there's not more than one shooter and they're going to go room to room to check every. Facility in the building also that law enforcement officials say they are also checking for potential bombs this is pretty standard today would do this but again the source emphasized. Fluid situation. There is a person. That they apparently are talking to and or trying to confirm that this person. It's a shooter for those of you just joining us now you're watching ABC news live coverage of an active shooting situation at a newspaper in Annapolis Maryland. There is an unconfirmed story just now posted on the is its own website that's the newspaper itself their own website quoting. One of its own reporters saying quote multiple people. Were shot at the gazette that has not been confirmed by police we certainly don't know whether or not anyone is in custody though Peter does mentioned that they are in contact. With someone on the scene so again police ATF federal authorities on the scene of the shooting. At the capital gazette newspaper in Annapolis Maryland the shooting reported inside the building but gazette reporter saying multiple people have been shot president trump has been alerted. To this situation the Baltimore Sun which owns the capital newspaper Annapolis. Also saying that this reporter has told them of the shooting this afternoon as well and a potential. But there were multiple victims were gonna stay on the story throughout the afternoon abcnews.com. And of course we'll have a team on this for world news tonight. I'm David Muir have a good afternoon we'll see you shortly. This has been a special room. For me.

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{"duration":"5:02","description":"A Gazette reporter said multiple people were shot, according to The Baltimore Sun, which owns the Gazette.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"56242248","title":"SPECIAL REPORT: Police respond to active shooter at Capital Gazette newspaper","url":"/US/video/special-report-police-respond-active-shooter-capital-gazette-56242248"}