President Obama Says Nothing Justifies Attacks on Police

President Obama: "As a nation, we have to be loud and clear that nothing justifies violence against law enforcement.
7:35 | 07/17/16

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Transcript for President Obama Says Nothing Justifies Attacks on Police
This is an ABC news. George Stephanopoulos. And we are coming up here right now because pres Obama about to appear in the White House briefing room to address that please shooting in Baton Rouge early today three police officers killed. Three wounded on here whether senior just correspondent Pierre Thomas we now have the shooter identified. Yes he's described as Gavin long 29 years O from Missouri. Law enforcement resources are describing him as a black male to us we don't have any more details about motive or anything like that but law enforcement. It's on high alert across the country all the shootings taking place in such a short period time two eight police officers killed in the last two weeks of so much violence. In the country right of the president's been called on. To speak out against this violence so many times over the last several weeks the killings of African American males by police as well in Baton Rouge John Sterling. In men in Minnesota as well sparking protests across the country is pierce said. Police on high alert. Here's the president. For that murder road. As all of you know America this morning free at law enforcement officers in Baton Rouge were killed in the line of duty. Three others were wounded. One it is it still in critical condition. As of right now we don't know the motive of the killing them. We don't know whether the killer is set up to target. Police officers or whether he gunned them down as they responded to a call. Regardless of motor. The death of these three brave officers underscores the danger that police across the country confront every single day. And we as a nation have to be loud and clear that nothing justifies violence against law enforcement. Attacks on police. Are attack on all this and rule of law that makes society possible. Earlier this afternoon I spoke with the governor Ed worse than mayor Holden. Offered them the full support of the federal government. And reiterated my full support for law enforcement in Baton Rouge and for police officers across the country. Also spoke to the attorney general the FBI has already been on the scene and through the work all levels of government. Justice will be done. Most of all our hearts go out to the families who are grieving. Prayers go out to the officer. Was still fighting for his life. This has happened far too often. And I've spent a lot of time what law enforcement this past week. I'm surrounded. By the best of the best every single day and I know. Whenever this happens. Where that this happens. You feel that families feel what. What I want you know today is the respect and the gratitude of the American people for everything that you do for us. Five days ago I traveled to Dallas for the memorial service. Of the officers who were slain there. I said that. That killer would not be the last person who tries to make its turn on each other nor will today's kill. It remains up to us to make sure that they fail. That decision is all of ours. The decision. To make sure that our belts that cells are reflected. Across America. Or worse. So toss. We have our divisions and they are not new. Round the clock news cycle some social media sometimes ample fight these divisions. And I know were about it and are a couple of weeks of conventions were political rhetoric tends to be. More overheated than usual. And that is why it is so important that Everett. Regardless of race or political party or profession. Regardless of what organizations you are part of every one of right now focus. On words and actions. That can unite this country rather than divide of foot. We don't need inflammatory rhetoric. We don't need careless accusations thrown around to score political points sort of advance. An agenda. We need to temporarily words. And open our hearts all of us. When he what we saw in Dallas this week. As a community came together to restore order and we need to kind of effort to resolve this week in meetings between community leaders and police some of which I participated. Where I saw people of goodwill pledged to work together. To reduce violence throughout all of our news. That's what's needed right now. And it is up to all of us to make sure we are part of the solution and not part of the plot. Someone want once wrote. A bullet made happen only once. But for peace to work we need to be reminded of its existence again and again. And again. My fellow Americans only we could prove. Through words and through deeds. That we will not be divided. We're gonna have to keep on doing it again and again and again. That's how this country gets united that's how we bring people of goodwill together. Only we can prove that we have the grace and the character. And the common humanity to end this kind of senseless violence. To reduce fear. And mistrust. Within the American fare. To set an example. For our children. That's who we are a mess we always have bastard bit. And that's the best way for us to honor the sacrifice of the brave police officers who were taken from us this morning. God bless them for families. May god bless the United States of America. Thank you very much he. Star events over President Obama there in the White House briefing room honoring the sacrifice of those officers killed in Baton Rouge. They also speaking to the broader country Singh was saying we must temper or words open our hearts. Particularly within of this political season we're coming to you from the Quicken Loans Arena within the Republican Convention. Will open here tomorrow Democratic Convention. A week later and Jonathan Karl the president's words echoed. This afternoon by Hillary Clinton almost word forward George did heard the president say attacks on police are attacks on all of us Hillary Clinton. Just out with a statement saying. Today's devastating assault on police officer in Baton Rouge is an assault on all of us there is no justification for pilots for hate. For attacks on men and women put their lives in the liner leader Pierre Thomas or she just correspondent the president especially carefully the police officers we saw in Louisiana. I'm not addressing the motive. Of the shooter scene we just don't know it yet. Exactly we don't have any particular guns on that but I think the bottom one of the president is that you cannot have open season on police officers just can't. Okay Pierre Thomas Jon Karl thanks very much mangalore for now we back in just a bit with world news. This has been a special.

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{"duration":"7:35","description":"President Obama: \"As a nation, we have to be loud and clear that nothing justifies violence against law enforcement. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"40652983","title":"President Obama Says Nothing Justifies Attacks on Police ","url":"/US/video/special-report-president-obama-justifies-attacks-police-40652983"}