Stanford student who allegedly faked sailing credentials expelled

Additional parents in the "Varsity Blues" case are expected to plead guilty in the college admissions bribery scandal.
2:46 | 04/08/19

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Transcript for Stanford student who allegedly faked sailing credentials expelled
Fabricated sailing credentials that's why is student was just expelled from Stanford University as part of that college admissions scandal so. I'm very lucky to be joined by air and deters the right now because you can rape all of this down fabricated sailing credentials really like what is what's going on here. It's it's amazing this entire nationwide college a distance cheating scandal has exposed how. Some of these and more minor sports have played a big role in getting kids into college because their parents were willing to pay. And it all went under the radar and in the case of a female student who was not been identified. Stanford found out that she wasn't much of a sailor. And yet the sailing coach who had been fired after he agreed to plead guilty in all of this. Except that a 500000. Dollar bribe through the mastermind of this scheme Rick singer the college admissions code based in. California. And this is one of the few students who so far have actually being booted out of their their school because of the scheme. It's play and it's so elaborate -- it's like why not basketball doing sailing just feels like it's it's in your going above and beyond but if it were basketball somebody might notice if the power forward. Didn't show up. Here in the in some of the more minor sports it's often the coach that is the final arbiter of who's any good who deserves a spot who should get a scholarship who should be even designated as a recruit. And no one thinks twice about it if they don't show up don't participate. At and that seems to be what what happened here. In this particular case. There were three different students who were fought two of being part of a bribe payment or series of bribe payments to the former Stanford stay sailing coach. This one female student is the only one who was accepted and and after she died in is when this half billion dollar bribe was allegedly paid. And until we know who she is we're we're not going to be clear exactly who her parents are in and why they were willing to go through all of this. But thirty odd parents have been charged we've doing something similar. It's on the Lee mall. So what's the latest in the investigation as anything else happen at any of the other schools the well it's a couple of other students that have had their admissions rescinded and in the case of the Stanford University student she is no longer on campus all of her credits have been vacated. And some of the other schools are still going through there admissions roles to see if they need to be purged of any students who got in through any kind of cheating. Away from the schools themselves up more of the parents are starting to think about pleading guilty as charged to the conspiracy to commit mail fraud. And there are still more charges potentially in the office. It's a fascinating case it really is thank you so much for being here we needed to come back seeing keep us updated anytime you.

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"Additional parents in the \"Varsity Blues\" case are expected to plead guilty in the college admissions bribery scandal. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62251957","title":"Stanford student who allegedly faked sailing credentials expelled","url":"/US/video/stanford-student-allegedly-faked-sailing-credentials-expelled-62251957"}