Stars from Marvel's 'Inhumans' participate in the Day of Giving

ABC News' Adrienne Bankert hears from the stars about how they were inspired by those affected by Hurricane Harvey.
4:41 | 08/31/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Stars from Marvel's 'Inhumans' participate in the Day of Giving
Welcome back Terry Dave giving guys we have some very very people in this race they had no stop them from Tennessee does. Asked about patents have an accident. Oh well Kenyon them alone with mother. I disparity among that it may angry. About the human yelling and among them. Infants are at it thank you instantly at your being here marvels in humans is. Going to be released tomorrow in IMAX theaters. You guys are making a little bit TV history. Eight. And I'm ABC gathered. Hair on tax. Is really great she first episode in IMAX is not typical definitely. But dollar. And you guys are marvel com. Marvel characters. You're a couple in this Ceres. And you kind of like at these tense moments between two human extremely powerful. Let me remember black belt powers is that he speaks in a whisper in economic the story everything. Yeah eyes his. Powers that is his voice is uncontrollably. Destructive and so these basic level cities so. He. Is this leader who can't speak to his people as he would kill them sorry applause why queen and translator. And reduce. Its. Mideast. For her long dreadlocks. That are pre pencils they move they picked things up and bite. They have there on the like sassy and energy in bad going on. And that was her tarragon at this that was her superpower that she's given up fourteen. And together they built this relationship in this language together in that cannon. Big balance the husband and wife in the king and the queen and and the superhero and ends. So it's really fun dynamic to watch that handle it definitely can't all weighing in out and kill somebody with a wisp where Ike in. You know my here pick things up and throws things across the. Ground there's a lot going on injured hair and he. And he's got his voice that's powerful and in speaking of that you know we have had this day of giving and people are speaking out very loudly that they want to support the folks in Houston. Who've been ravaged by flooding and I mean it really is important is he folks like you who've had success in their careers who are on the big screen and a little screen. And tell me a little bit about how means what it means to you because obviously you being from Tennessee have scenes of devastation in your home state. Yeah well I'd personal you guys doing great work here with the Red Cross but I'm also sporting team rubicon lemon during hurricane sandy. And their military veterans who use their experience and deployment to hit areas of natural disaster quickly give people what they need and they're excellent so. All you have to do is text the word Texas to 87872. And you get a link to where you can go to the donation page for team rubicon. That's wonderful because we really see those images from Houston is a war zone. And it requires specialist requires people who know exactly what they're doing team rubicon the fact that you're mentioning them that is so amazing and I've been talking to people who. Obviously we we feel sat we feel sorrow for these folks. But there are stories of inspiration. And he tell telling a little bit about what's going on your might see some of the Clinton. And it's terrific usually when we see these images that come from a different country or were used to it being so far removed to meet had a few obviously was in the last that caters that. Have brought much closer to home. And it's it's phenomenal to see people coming together. And working together to. Rescue in rehabilitating he's here are stories of people opening up their warehouses and homes justice to strangers and I think. In a time right now we're things can be a little divided it's really incredible to see everyone come together and her common goal and you know you see people carrying dogs on their shoulder has now been watching these incredible rescue videos of is a woman pulled to bats out where normally you see people running and screaming from bats where there's a woman actually leaning over alleged like a fishing. Net trampled to bats out an acting like becomes very important when you see it. In this capacity and it's really it's really lovely. To see this this come together in such a horrific time here where are. In the beginning thank you both. Of you guys are doing junkets. Promoting this show and it premieres at pine axed from. It's. Like it's your faith that I. I but I mean let's expects to you continue that's the halls and we'll be. You guys remember attacks on the website call eight.

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{"duration":"4:41","description":"ABC News' Adrienne Bankert hears from the stars about how they were inspired by those affected by Hurricane Harvey.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49539373","title":"Stars from Marvel's 'Inhumans' participate in the Day of Giving","url":"/US/video/stars-marvels-inhumans-participate-day-giving-49539373"}