Staten Island Responds to Eric Garner Indictment Decision

ABC News' Josh Haskell reports the latest from the street where Eric Garner was killed.
7:42 | 12/04/14

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Transcript for Staten Island Responds to Eric Garner Indictment Decision
Josh Haskell here with ABC news those DreamWorks the scene where. They're Gardner was gonna choke hold back in July. And by NYPD officer. And today the grand jury in that case decided not to indict the officer we've seen about. Roughly 25 to thirty. People here showing their support for garner throughout the day there's a shrine here in their lights. Candles there's also flowers. It's been a somber scenes you people that know him friends. Some family members his stepfather was here. He and his stepfather told the media. I do not want there to be violent Scott an island Don Ferguson that's the message isn't here that we've heard throughout the day Tom I want to talk to two. People who came down here they live in the area Joe's bar in Dennis. The right here. Joe's march you wanna live tell ABC news quickly what brought you down here I see that your. Holding a sign that says the blog feel the blood is on your hands can you talk about that there's me. Replies show has absolutely take responsibility for sure. The floods killed dozens and because they keep telling us fill his Mickey Mouse forms of mismanaging the city was seeing things happen and we received forty years ago. Then he's got to be called out an incredible political establishment in here just like him Ferguson into the exposed. This is happening because the police department is too powerful politically and don't want to hold them accountable. And so the public he's become idea ensure that we're now you know cops ample legal and political leaders Joe's more what brought you down here. Five times I was talking with parents and packets love field in 19941995. There there you know I have kids and kids I don't want to be out here with my two young sons Barrington you know. In Dennis. You're holding a sign that says fire Brad. Referring to NYPD police chief Bill Bratton who tells you brought you down here tonight ten. So tired of being sick and tired now. Are not held accountable. Broken windows tactic that commissioner Bratton is responsible. He's the one that has the blood on his. Eric garner blood that's trying to justice. When. Heavy. Police heat on quality of life mind. You know results in a man being choked to death birth supposedly selling cigarettes. Whose home here you know people. Hyping it up that you know they're expecting violence but how about the violence being committed by the police officers and street. Although the violence police officers when they're not held accountable for this setting the tone lady of the community know that. You know black lives don't matter were you surprised by the grand jury's decision had absolutely not surprised you know this is something unfortunately that we become costing. History repeating itself its police getting away with being criminals. And the people people Apollo the ones who suffer the most when they are the ones being told it doesn't matter if we kill you it's beautiful. So far the up protests here have been peaceful. Com and Dennis Joes who are standing actually across the street is you can see from the protests. And they're holding signs but. You guys believe that the protest will remain peaceful throughout the night on the tell us what brought you down here and what do you plan to achieve. Oh win angry peaceful people where he gets into the streets. Expressing dissent and free public justified anger and we have every right to take over the seat you have every right to be out here. Expressing that. Or channel. I'll allow ourselves to be defeated by police from. Who won approval despite the anger of violence and so you know we're we're very well disciplined. We're going to be. No we get tickled us birds birds have been showing us the way in the sense that baby coming out. Dave no matter what their Pretoria had as violent as looters. They're still making a statement that making sure that people understand that this is not a dollar long walk away from us and we do better in New York. We'll be on our way to do something that was right now seems businesses. To a New York City. Think you Joe's march Dennis I'm now joined by ABC's Ron Claiborn who's been out here all day today would meet Ron just he tells will be about what you've been seeing and hearing. From the Staten Island residents that you've spoken to. Woken up people are obviously you've spoken to him angry but but Maurer then anger or in addition to anger. From my senses that everybody is. Everybody was spoken through the vast majority really stunned. Bet there's grand jury has not brought any charges they could've been as. As low. As a reckless endangerment or assaults all the way up to manslaughter. From beat majority of people here Atlantic City officials acknowledge as well even NYPD brass. It was the expectation that there will be some charge brought against this officer. Pat taleo. A lot of people still stunned that happen and I think that that stunning it stunned feeling is wearing off. And to some degree is being replaced by outrage and anger. One thing I have been struck by is the fact that. A lot of the people that are down here on the new air guard did their friends their family we just saw stepfather what can you tells us about that. Well I've talked to a couple of people who were here that today who contend as a number witnesses did that the police were piling on that they were applying there's a chokehold. Which is banned by the police department. However the grand jury compose a thirteen or fourteen whites. Nine or ten African Americans or Latinos apparently saw were convinced that there was not criminality here but a lot of people here a lot of people around a city. Very very surprising at that at that decision. So far what we are. Seen here has been peaceful and the majority of the people down here are saying that Staten Island is not hurt his. Very interest and we also saw the stepfather of Eric garner. Shortly after the grand jury decision. Was reached he was very upset saying in effect he was personally for saying also affect that this police officer now August ago home. Contrasting that to what happened to through his son. So it's been brewing in a stunning reaction here. A lot of these people. New Eric garner a lot of some of these people were here that day they talk about. What a nice guy Angeles. When it helpful woods elementary school again a lot of a lot of upset people here tonight it will be interest thing. To see what happens overnight so far. Unlike in Ferguson Missouri the crowd while upset dwells on while on accepting of this grand jury decision. Has been called so far. ABC's Ron Claiborn here at the scene in Staten Island where Eric garner was killed back in July. I took a walk earlier down to the police precinct where the NYPD officer who put garner choke hold where he worked. And at that precinct there were barricades up there were a number of NYPD officers but it was extremely quiet. A dark seem like they were prepared in case something would happen. Com but there were no protesters we could see that small group as we mentioned about thirty so far have been here. On site. In Staten Island and we will stay here. With updates want to let you guys know that attorney general Eric Holder will be having a press conference at 7 PM tool of course carry. On Digital. And all of our platforms. And finally this Josh Haskell from Staten Island reporting for those street we'll have more throughout the night.

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{"duration":"7:42","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell reports the latest from the street where Eric Garner was killed.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"27349506","title":"Staten Island Responds to Eric Garner Indictment Decision ","url":"/US/video/staten-island-responds-eric-garner-indictment-decision-27349506"}