Staying fit at home

Fitness guru Brooke Burke demonstrates some of her favorite workouts that can be done from home.
4:09 | 03/23/20

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Now during these uncertain times it's more important than ever to keep our mind in our bodies right and with more work out up social media platforms. And screening exercise programs pay it's ever been easier to get any good workout from just about anywhere. Joining us now to show a some of her favorite workouts you can do from the comfort of home. Its founder of Brooke Burke body fitness guru Brooke Burke herself thanks for being with us I want to start by asking you how you in your family are doing how are you adjusting. To the confinement that were Holland right now. You know everything has changed so we're staying safe at Holloman. You know finding ways to be created whose state capital it take carrots salsa and keep it didn't know doctor. Sag Harbor my own problems you're connecting its I wasn't home for a long time my act and I suddenly in my class are. Eighteen people turning 100000 people in my bedroom not just. Grateful that we have this digital Lansing won't want to it's really aren't on everybody and especially yeah its Africans changes. It certainly isn't even trying to do to get our kids active in to work out with us but just for those of us who neater other people who need the inspiration tell us YE it's so important. To stay active at a time like cats. Well it does aren't insisting their recent cool it's great for bouncing straps to keep our problem he. Murdered and actually a gentleman. Our homes our kids I don't think it is time the company GE section so we're doing it on challenges and working out to kids were getting outside and say you are upstart gets haven T eaten problems he used his time as an excuse. Well yeah time at home and we have to keep moving as much our minds this is used for our party it's really important. Yeah I and I liked the idea of having challenges because anything to get the kids moving to make it fun I think that's part of a champion a trampoline to news about many. Big crowd pleaser at our house Ariza take us through some of your go to exercises at home Brooks so what do you do first. It's obvious. But tonight these felt Adam acts out and the damage is an. Let me start I didn't like a little bit stressed its or keep I don't think so starters last post not here. You know how old lady Michelle. In order to. Act he's. She is yeah. Justice certain parenting. And I just follow. Six time. Yeah he's. Good at the Carolina. And where he saw. It. Just like this that would create an amendment to. Cargo ships and it is either bumps. Yeah a little bit more access nursing home sexy. His partners. It with your I don't know it's just another stop arms monitors. Each half hour. Right here at always let me how nervous I. Are. To not let her. Oh yeah how long did you just frost how long I'm like for thirty minutes each day Helen do you suggest. Local Enola not everybody else ever gotten. Minutes on a state science program today it's won tunnel it's twenty minutes twenty it's time to hear excuse. Now downloads and excerpts from what else could car com I'm. Remember that we couldn't go thirteen hits. Because the entire time number on the same room and sometimes they didn't thanks to be treated to go inward and to find new McCain's. I don't know if I'm experience and it was just on the apple juice is yours but now. We'll get to you actually this latest paintings samurai noticed several. And Trent. And it deals didn't nice hot but tightened if you. Now it's true thank you work for inspiring us with all of these great exercises and for being with us today. It's a must have a really doesn't care.

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{"duration":"4:09","description":"Fitness guru Brooke Burke demonstrates some of her favorite workouts that can be done from home. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69750498","title":"Staying fit at home","url":"/US/video/staying-fit-home-69750498"}