How to stop misinformation about novel coronavirus

UNICEF is a part of Facebook's coronavirus hub of reliable sources.
2:37 | 03/11/20

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Transcript for How to stop misinformation about novel coronavirus
No we always have doctor Jenn here because we know how important it is to get you information that is reliable from a reliable source. Especially with all the misinformation going around for example. Some are going so far. As to attribute false information to UNICEF. To joining us now from that organization. Is Brett Robinson Brett what are some of the more egregious mixed use seen attributed to your organization about the current buyers. On. Around yeah there is a lot of misinformation. Here. Are. On us I am. Bet. Is. You're a minute. RS. Also show. We're he has immunity. I'll stop there also arranged Richard Butler. Bringing in trusted reliable sources. To. Make weren't sure he's asked. So what kind of efforts are being put in place to stop this spread of misinformation. Soon to be worked we are a lot of art are based. At it out. Sure bet in and then being out out wires. Cell. Trust reliable. BR. UNICEF art RAs or rotavirus and our. And that is searching me is promoting and life. And I do have to say I had a text message sent to me personally by a friend. And it turns out that information that's xmas was Brohm of viral face opposed sheet and know that. And it was just a long list of fallacies about the virus and what how to tell whether or not you have it. So and it seems like these efforts. As robust as they may be there is still a lot of misinformation getting out there are so what can people do to ensure that what they're seeing as factual. Short so the first thing is a year receiving something will be to be all don't share. It's the first shark just aren't where. The next step is many angels are out. Beat out services we in them of lanky and you believe news. Outlets yet digital are back. Do you bear more and it is also a nation rooted out. All right Brent we appreciate taking the time and we appreciate what you're doing to try to make sure that those myths don't spread any for that in the house and plus. We appreciate telling us making I screen most and can't get at it and Angela.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"UNICEF is a part of Facebook's coronavirus hub of reliable sources.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69541473","title":"How to stop misinformation about novel coronavirus","url":"/US/video/stop-misinformation-coronavirus-69541473"}