It's 'Stormy Daniels Day' in West Hollywood!

The city of West Hollywood has proclaimed Wednesday to be 'Stormy Daniels Day'
2:43 | 05/24/18

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Transcript for It's 'Stormy Daniels Day' in West Hollywood!
Welcome to West Hollywood where the women are strong and the men are. I'm ready. I don't recognize a very very strong woman today. You know any about the history of those city of West Hollywood. No doubt outlandish notes from an elementary and bugs he's in a legitimate carcinoma Doris yeah. If you have near the Playboy bunnies and all of that is West Hollywood. Well our values have been under threat by the trump administration the past year and a half our doctors students. LG BT community erased from the White House web site. A woman's right to choose under threat and the environment is being threatened as well aware of law being challenged him. All of these things are happening in our country. And out of all of us out all the chaos of the trump administration. Carl and lady good I don't want period and no they deny it negative interest rates are they going to protest injustice and taxes. We have our own lady Godiva and there in the city and West Hollywood. She has had to be the slings and arrows of attacks not only from people all over this country back from the most powerful person on a planet. And she's held up with dignity that she's fought back. They would she fights back and mr. Obama not he fights back they're fighting back for all of us to get our country back on him. I hereby a lot of my colleague mayor pro tem John Demeco declare it the stormy Daniels day and this. Okay. Chris Daniels. How basic needs and the city. It's one. Tell you what you. What a good game mayor protest and say to the porn star. What can. Can anyone Polly. They lead wasn't the found that more than three decades ago on the principle that everyone should be treated with dignity. And fairness and decency. An existing anti had a history. Standing up to bullies and speaking truth to power and I am so very very lucky to be a part of it. I am I made it an honored to thank you to.

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{"duration":"2:43","description":"The city of West Hollywood has proclaimed Wednesday to be 'Stormy Daniels Day'","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"55397674","title":"It's 'Stormy Daniels Day' in West Hollywood!","url":"/US/video/stormy-daniels-day-west-hollywood-55397674"}