'Street Walker Strangler' Hunt Yields Arrest, Gruesome Evidence

Authorities arrest Maury Travis and discover home videos documenting his murders.
5:45 | 07/08/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Street Walker Strangler' Hunt Yields Arrest, Gruesome Evidence
It was 7 AM on a quiet morning last year when authorities knocked on -- Travis is door. They have linked him to the computer map but they still needed evidence to prove he was the street walkers -- He answered the door very agitated. Why don't wanna know why the police were there he was told you know why we're here -- captain Harry Hager who ran the joint task force. Told his two men to take a low key approach hoping Travis -- trip himself fought. Sitting in his living room the investigators asked about the missing women but never accused Travis of killing them. -- had a casual conversation with them sitting on the cards for two hours was kind of look at miles type conversation. -- at any point admit anything. -- to be any point deny anything -- never denied any thing. One thing Travis did seem curious about was what brought police to his home. They said it was the Internet and -- under his breath and made some reference to the computer so he knew. He had tripped himself -- he knew why we're there. After four hours of jousting they took him to police headquarters. Captain Hager went -- to talk with Travis himself -- made reference. My investigator that he wanted somebody else brought in because he found this man to be -- -- And one somebody more challenging is there in custody -- all this evidence against them and is saying bring on somebody tougher. Now as a false face all arrogance. But sitting in the interrogation room Travis -- -- his mind games were almost over. He knew what police would find it -- happens. In the basement a secret torture chamber. We're medieval cruelty was dished up with the modern efficiency -- C a stun gun here very effective can disable people discs while. We have reason to believe that he used it on his limit some of the pictures of the victims. -- burn marks on the upper body Travis kept scrap books on torture and it collected every article about -- terrible problems. But the most horrifying discovery where these tapes and -- Travis had reported every step. -- -- -- -- -- to his victims. First in his bedroom he gave them crack cocaine to smoke and have sex with. Next he would get them to engage in strange rituals. Provost would dressed women white and put sunglasses on. Then listen carefully. Police believe that is the sound of traffic striking -- woman down the steps to his basement. They -- he shackled. And turned into a monster. His tapes reveal he had an obsession. For writing the women over how they -- abandon their children for Pratt. It's -- it is. Most. Important hear K new moon Mullen did you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Later he would establish his total dominance stay clear. Cleveland. On one tape Travis plays out his blood sport to the end. Police were horrified to watch Travis -- a belt around the neck of this woman then choked her to death. -- camp. This is first -- -- Now finally it seemed Travis would face justice. He was locked up and a super maximum security jail cell and put on suicide watch but the killer had one final surprise. With -- -- standing here in the back corner of this. No one could say what he was about to do and acts. Travis took -- -- rated strip of she somehow was able to credit for that man. Then use more machine to create a news. That is somehow this master of -- it was able to tie his hands behind his back. Standing on this point -- -- put his -- imminence. And then stepped off. He was found dead a few minutes later. Why do you think Travis killed himself more it was a confident. Fairly bright person who is control in the game. And was probably a 1000001 to catch yourself into the game was over and he was no longer in control control is obviously the most important thing with the women. With the media -- with the police. Trying to maintain his control even in death. Troubles left a suicide notes -- -- mother. My death seems to be the best solution. Because I won't spend the rest of my life locked -- or worse let them kill me with a needle. Why did he commit these terrible crimes this is all Travis had to say. I've been sick for a long time. Sick in the -- -- owns about fourteen. I don't know why. I was -- sick. Everyone connected to the -- Travis case takes something different from. Reporter Bill Smith says it was travels -- lust for attention that finally brought him to -- Africans why do you think he wrote should that bother. I think there was a moment probably. In him that. If are up that piece of him that -- People to know that he had this kind of power but for Saint Louis police chief Joseph Mo plus. It's all about the many questions. Provost left still unanswered. He claims he killed seventeen women were missing five of them who are these aluminum and where are they. Are some things. Who lost loved one and call his -- for what happened here.

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{"duration":"5:45","description":"Authorities arrest Maury Travis and discover home videos documenting his murders.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"24470427","title":"'Street Walker Strangler' Hunt Yields Arrest, Gruesome Evidence","url":"/US/video/street-walker-strangler-hunt-yields-arrest-gruesome-evidence-24470427"}