Strip Club Organizes 'Toys for Tatas' Drive

Arkansas club rewards customers with two-for-one lap dances for each donated toy.
1:45 | 12/14/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Strip Club Organizes 'Toys for Tatas' Drive
It's not something you usually associate with Christmas but you might from now on the folks here platinum cabaret in Fayetteville are asking customers to bring in toys for needy children. And well just watch to see what the customers get in return. -- campaign for the Monday December caught Toys for Tots ties yes you heard correctly. It's a toy drive at a gentleman's club and the workers are are offering their unique set of skills as an incentive. He can and and you bring a toy eight sit down hate for our little toy that we're having been bargaining gave -- -- Two for one lacking in sense -- made toys as you bring. Simply put an. But we did some checking and discovered that the guys who actually started Toys for Tots had no idea about -- spin on the holiday tradition. I really knew nothing about it is certainly not something that we had been made aware over certainly not something we would have endorsed if you've ever seen one of the donation boxes that you already know it's the Marine Corps reserve which coordinated the nationwide toy drive since 1947. The goal is simple to provide toys for disadvantage children. Our local coordinator says the club's heart is in the right place. Oklahoma's has done an illegal manner and as long as people bring us new unwrapped toys. We don't get -- how they were gathered in and what the process war. If you'd like to donate to Toys for Tots there -- more than a 110 boxes set up around the area at places like Walgreens and -- -- -- you can come -- to platinum cabaret they'll be collecting toys that the end of December. In Fayetteville -- vibrant 4029 news.

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{"id":17976002,"title":"Strip Club Organizes 'Toys for Tatas' Drive","duration":"1:45","description":"Arkansas club rewards customers with two-for-one lap dances for each donated toy.","url":"/US/video/strip-club-organizes-toys-tatas-drive-17976002","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}