Students hold school walkout, march in nation's capital

Students walked out of class to advocate for tougher gun control laws at the White House and Capitol Hill.
5:16 | 03/14/18

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Transcript for Students hold school walkout, march in nation's capital
ABC's David parolee is in Washington DC David all morning there was a moment of silence in and out appears it will block. With the students out there now. Many had her first of all welcome news and yes seventy moments of these students and staff on. Of the white house with their backs to the White House seventeen. From ten until 1070. Amid an asylum. Students who was lost in part. And these chain have been very loud during. The protest before their seventeen minutes of silence. Once the seventeen minutes and did they got up they applauded and they've now started marching toward Pennsylvania Avenue. On the way to Capitol Hill. They've hit the stop sign wouldn't stop flight which is why we're stop here Gary come in for just second kitty pilgrim ABC news in. Was named a group of what's been negative enough that I felt in the coming at him and delighted you come out today what what's the message. Meaning it on. That you didn't have strong feelings about guns. Heartland yeah. That I had been active and in the view act. Do something. In the way of ethical and move that not gonna make have been advocating. The president was at the White House today it's very clever just to see some of the gates wanted him. Those who was in their music he heard your message. Coming down. Fourteenth now. What did you look down the street let's go across a little bit here the police have shut this down just want to give yes censored couple thousand students. Didn't have shown up they were showing up even during the moments of silence but just to give you a sense. How many are marketing. And still pouring out of the White House complex over here. All the way up to Capitol Hill number of congress members will meet them there are mostly Democrats. Who have been calling for gun control. It's it's been a pretty good turnout they were talking about hundreds but I would say there were a couple of thousand students. As they marched here by the trade group are. Led aerial. And it jump in really quickly ask you these students are clearly marching together in solidarity in the shadows of those buildings that house our lawmakers that can actually affect change you mention that president trump wasn't in the Oval Office today. Are those students that you spoke in through confident that they had seen them change happen. Yeah. It's. Streams and missed the last. Where are you confident talking of the students are they confident saying that. That even though the president is not in the Oval Office isn't just that that young and he just spoke to you. That they Nate seat them change effected in the very place where they're marching right now. You know I talked to one student who basically said listen I'm not it may not be me. You may sustain a but I will find somebody who makes a change. And there's so many of them around here today just say sings it you know if they don't bring the collection. Area. We're do you want this needless what do you want to see happen. Changing. And all the ideas that will get what you had you been active like this before I actually am glad I've finally do something. And you're going to the capitol now our president was not the White House. What are my colleagues assessed the president wasn't there will be here your message and members of I mean I really hope so abided Paula that is not the White House especially so many people even kids from his notes. Okay. Well that's the scene that's what it's looking like. As you can see it's. I actually thought this two if you duo won eighty Brian your left you can just see a ball turning on the Pennsylvania Avenue down there. As I said it it it started as a couple thousand. They were still there numbers were swelling even and as they were observing those seventeen minutes of silence sitting down with their backs to the White House. And it's it's it's a fairly passionate crowd guys. The incredible David as you mentioned Davidson it. They were expecting to see hundreds of students now looking like it's in the thousands and another thing that's worth mentioning aerial. As the fact that just a week and a half from now on March 24 on a Saturday is another protest the mark for a large protest in Washington DC some may view students. Where they are now perhaps we'll be back. Right back there and another week and a half to do this again.

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{"duration":"5:16","description":"Students walked out of class to advocate for tougher gun control laws at the White House and Capitol Hill.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"53746225","title":"Students hold school walkout, march in nation's capital","url":"/US/video/students-hold-school-walkout-march-nations-capital-53746225"}