From Navy Veteran, to Creator of America's Best Bakery

Award-winning chef serves up yummy gourmet doughnuts.
2:59 | 08/02/13

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Transcript for From Navy Veteran, to Creator of America's Best Bakery
Please -- -- grants I am the go ahead bakers and dishwasher. Sublime -- -- want to debate a pastry -- since high school so. I was kind of -- that's why I went to the military to one money for college of the -- in America. As like Emma Sullivan may be as good -- and they've worked out great for the -- -- to you know big corporate -- But I haven't seen -- people you know donuts store solve this to a donut shop police instant. Do you have a shop and a trustee for the -- you know -- -- -- -- Only have my little -- And you know a small micro loans so that was just enough just. By -- ingredients and turn the lights on. You know wasn't enough to fulfill the whole business plan. But -- still could do the basics. Had to put in sweat equity at that time you know -- the money -- some equity -- -- elbow grease so for six months ago was just being back there would come in at 2 AM. Make all the donuts opened up the shop at 6 AM for all the donuts on the shelf. You know so the -- run outside way to people in the car the -- soon. Come back in here run around the -- of them don't accident 6 o'clock -- would shut down and then we. Get -- -- -- -- seven run home go to sleep. -- wake up at 1 AM -- come do it again. We've got a local newspaper -- -- the Atlanta journal constitution and that's kind of win people found out about us and kind of blew up I got to hire employees and that didn't enroll them now -- move could even run an operation. But the most popular don't know we have is probably the fresh strawberries and cream Scott you know fresh strawberries cut defense cream cheese -- inside -- powdered sugar dust and on top stuff. That that one of the ones that people really love. The new business people normally you know since that scared to -- that would try them makes them play this thing out there -- -- -- don't give me a chocolate -- -- For our first you know 67 months to a year we didn't make any chocolate -- glazed -- If you come here you have to try something so we don't have people that left as -- -- you know people default when they don't wanna come to a new place so. We we figured you know good way to push people just not to have those -- -- options and it. And people -- -- a trial UV donuts. Decide for yourself this is something you wanted to do without getting paid -- -- really. If you don't want to do this without getting paid don't because if you're going to probably not get paid at some point. And you've got to be happy want to do -- the first six months of just. Me in here working grind it and only paycheck with you know people being happy that they they got to --

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{"id":19850096,"title":"From Navy Veteran, to Creator of America's Best Bakery","duration":"2:59","description":"Award-winning chef serves up yummy gourmet doughnuts.","url":"/US/video/sublime-doughnuts-atlanta-navy-veteran-kamal-grant-creator-19850096","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}