Subway Push Suspect Denied Bail

Lawyer for Naeem Davis, 30, says his client was provoked by the victim, Ki-Suck Han.
1:32 | 12/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Subway Push Suspect Denied Bail
The thirty year old street vendor who police say pushed -- -- to his death on the subway tracks is charged with second degree murder this morning. He made its first court appearance last night and he's telling his side of what happened. Eyewitness News reporter rapidly Johnson live in midtown with the details good morning happening. Good morning -- -- good morning everybody it appears that the states. That the suspect is blaming the victim that's all comes out as you said it after that suspect did make his first court appearance it's all happening. Overnight now not -- Davis came to court walking past reporters and stated he attacked me first he grabbed me. Davis was charged with second degree murder after apparently confessed to 758 year old he -- -- -- front of an oncoming cute training here at the forty ninth street station. Davis claims he would not leave them alone -- Davis put them. Prosecutors say the confrontation escalated and after posting on -- watched and waited for the train to -- down the victim. But davis' attorney says his client was for -- Great to -- drunk and angry on the subway platform. If in fact he was drunk and angry it was still drinking that vodka bottle. And according to what the reported tells me mister Byrd Davis told the press earlier on the -- -- was defending himself there may very will be two sides of the story. Now -- -- as the one who had told police that her husband had been drinking. Just before this -- -- -- right outside our rather inside the train station that we're standing about here on seventh avenue. Davis is expected to make another court appearance next week.

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{"id":17891892,"title":"Subway Push Suspect Denied Bail","duration":"1:32","description":"Lawyer for Naeem Davis, 30, says his client was provoked by the victim, Ki-Suck Han.","url":"/US/video/subway-push-suspect-denied-bail-17891892","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}