'Super Drunk' Charges for Grade School Principal

Michigan police say Kim Warren's alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit.
1:42 | 04/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Super Drunk' Charges for Grade School Principal
The suspended principle -- no -- Deerfield elementary leaving the police department after being released on a personal bond. She does not have anything to say our cameras but motorists had -- to say about her driving the first day back. From spring break. There -- Honda. And that sort and little -- -- and all -- -- -- -- era on the right and. Try. Corporate job. Very eerie -- I wanna collect unwanted. Responding to 911 calls about a car swerving and no but police officer heads to the parking lot at Deerfield elementary. Principal -- -- was coming back from lunch and it was clear to some motorists that something was wrong. And calling me. All over the lying in the other lane ejected in the Deerfield elementary school optically cotton -- -- -- and it could fight. Principal Warren was arrested placed on administrative leave and today she was charged under no vice super drunk ordinance. Breath test put her at more than twice the legal limit. You have an individual who's intoxicated during the middle of the day. In Erie where we have several children -- needy -- in the streets and that's what -- draws our concern to this one in particular but while drunk driving cases are important to us know by police say in her car at the principles -- they also found. An open bottle of vodka alcoholism is a disease and it's something that. Really has a very powerful impact and in his very controlled with a lot of people just -- police video principal warned crying in the backseat of the scout car. Talking to the officer who just arrested her. I'm not gonna tell anybody got arrested at about -- didn't tell anybody. And no by Kimberly -- seven action news.

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{"id":19074493,"title":"'Super Drunk' Charges for Grade School Principal","duration":"1:42","description":"Michigan police say Kim Warren's alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit.","url":"/US/video/super-drunk-charges-for-grade-school-principal-19074493","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}