Superstorm Sandy Victims Accept Homeowner Buyout

Staten Island residents hit hard by Sandy are taking state aid to uproot from homes, memories.
2:27 | 04/29/13

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Transcript for Superstorm Sandy Victims Accept Homeowner Buyout
The federal government will finance your relocation that was the offer for New York area homeowners who lost everything during super storm sandy which hit six months ago tomorrow. And while many people decided to stay and rebuild others decided let's take part in the government program Eyewitness News reporter Matt. Goes -- has their story. He's in a bowl -- beach down island tonight. Joseph homes are full of memories and leaving them behind you is painful but -- neighborhoods in -- -- houses all boarded up with inspection stickers everywhere. Some Staten islanders are being forced to make that choice. The seasons have changed but the landscape has not. Drive around some of the hardest hit sections of Staten Island. And you'll find streets that looked like ghost towns I'm afraid to be Iranian woman named -- drowned in his basement. Battling for -- lives in the Oakwood section one of many neighborhoods devastated by super -- sandy. Her neighborhood will now be the pilot site for the governor's new buyout program. The state will offer homeowners 100%. Of their properties priest -- value plus an additional 5% that they stay on Staten Island. I'm taking it day by day my head is still spinning. From everything that happened -- in the meantime for download and thousands of others have been getting help from this man who devoted to -- that. We -- out of the homeowners Derek tobacco leaves in Manhattan and works on Wall Street but felt he had to help is needed Staten Island man went -- to stop until everybody's. Restored to their original quality life. Tobacco started dying in the rescue which has been collecting donations and handed out necessities. Over the last six months it has. Didn't needs have changed from just cleaning supplies and coffee and blankets to helping with volunteers to look out homes -- now rebuilding homes. On this day tobacco has a special surprise -- one of his volunteers. -- -- -- -- -- working here. Wrong what little money for renovations to -- for -- kitchen and bathroom maybe now she'll change her mind about leaving. Her own home. There -- safe. -- the majority of homeowners here in Oakwood beach want to take the buyout but the same is not true. For homeowners across the Tri-State living along coastal areas they want to stay and rebuild. Reporting live in Staten Island that those -- channel seven eyewitness.

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{"id":19066183,"title":"Superstorm Sandy Victims Accept Homeowner Buyout","duration":"2:27","description":"Staten Island residents hit hard by Sandy are taking state aid to uproot from homes, memories.","url":"/US/video/superstorm-sandy-victims-accept-homeowner-buyout-19066183","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}