Supreme Court upholds Affordable Care Act

This the third time the ACA has been challenged.
5:01 | 06/17/21

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Transcript for Supreme Court upholds Affordable Care Act
This is an ABC news special report. Hi everyone I'm Diana say there were coming on the air would breaking news the Supreme Court has just rejected a challenge to be Affordable Care Act. For the third time. The court was asked to decide at the law's individual mandate was unconstitutional. Now that congress made the penalty zero and if so whether the rest of the law can stand without it. But the justices have decided that the plaintiffs in this case had no standing to bring the case. The decision maintains health insurance for millions of Americans effectively leaving in place the status quo. Constitutional attorney and ABC news contributor Kate Shaw is here now with more on this Kate how did the court come to this decision. More dynamic idea of standing that you mention that some dry but it usually important in general and in this case. The idea here is just because you disagree with the law or you don't like oh you can go to court and bring a challenge about law and help the court we all cash and you know. Every challenge to a law have to be brought by a party with a concrete concrete stage we've injured while law. Individual plaintiffs who who individual people who have complained about it won't date which no longer public won't pick actually. Just don't have that kind of loan didn't that what the court to decide the merits a bulky at all. So that's really according that you went to queen court won't step into it in Britain by just fry irks all the individuals who have come to a and the state you have come to us. Simply lack the constitutional requirement Wimbledon and content decided that he could also potentially polluted that she pumped into the well. You need a law in it's entirety so obamacare lived to fight another day of informed about that there are challenged. I'm on the basically get acquainted about the challenged lack. They. And let's bring in senior Washington report Devin Dwyer a little more on this DeVon what does this mean practically for health care in this country right now. But that this effectively means the status quo is in place 31 million Americans right now record. Have health care coverage connected to Obama care all of that is preserved 54 million Americans with preexisting conditions. And receiving protections under obamacare huge concern. All of that is still in place right now there are still challenges to the health care law in the pipeline right now. I so we will keep a close eye on those but as Jackie charges said the third ex essential challenge to the law. Has fallen in large part thanks to Chief Justice John Roberts in three of the conservatives joining with those liberals today. And senior national correspondent Terry Moran what's the political impact of this decision. Well this is a defeat what once again for Republicans in its service but they really want the issue. Alive that somehow that obamacare the Affordable Care Act was a tyrannical act because it forced people to buy health insurance with the court says today is. It doesn't force it does say you must have it but there's no enforcement mechanism the Republicans themselves reduced the penalty to zero. And in this country you can't bring a case because you don't like a law the law has to injure you and if there's no way for the government. To enforce the mandate that you must buy health insurance there's no case here. So the spring court dodging this case you know also awards victory to those who have health insurance through by the Affordable Care Act. But it it really does I think put the nail in the coffin of the Republican effort to. Zero out this acted overturn the Affordable Care Act because there is no more case. Without any penalty for but not buying health insurance that's what the Supreme Court said. All right Kate shot quickly could this pave the way for future challenges. I I think it turned bright don't get that sort of existential challenges have been basically exhausted. Now there may be challenging to dimensions of the law there have been religious liberty objections to various aspects of the law in particular option mandate. So to I think it is possible there will be more but I think that Kerry is right that you know legend the legislature is where future battle about health care. I'm are likely to play out rather than the court and the Supreme Court in particular. Ryan and DeVon how do you see those playing out. Well wolf some of those federal got cases Diane are still under way right now that would the most prominent among them dealing with. Of those popular provisions guaranteed provisions no cost care. For for for contraception and the like those will continue to play out I think I grew Kate shot. Either bit of a long shot but a huge relief a huge win today for obamacare and certainly the White House. Is breathing a sigh of relief as well that Bryant Kate shut Devin Dwyer Taylor and thank you all again the Supreme Court just rejected the latest challenge. To be Affordable Care Act of leaving in place health care for millions of Americans we will have additional updates on ABC news live in right now we're gonna return. Your regular programming thanks for watching. This has been a special report. From ABC.

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{"duration":"5:01","description":"This the third time the ACA has been challenged.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78335756","title":"Supreme Court upholds Affordable Care Act","url":"/US/video/supreme-court-upholds-affordable-care-act-78335756"}