Video catches thieves stealing from Airbnb rental in DeKalb Co., Georgia in February

"I feel pretty helpless here. Not much I can do," the homeowner told ABC News affiliate WSB.
2:12 | 02/20/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Video catches thieves stealing from Airbnb rental in DeKalb Co., Georgia in February
Well by all accounts this Brenner appeared legit but take a look at the damage left behind EDT this is shattered window but that is just the beginning in fact we've set up multiple cameras around this house. Award ticket out of the first floor. Look at all that trash you can also see you were flat screen used to hang before the thieves ripped it right off the wall tonight the homeowner says he's thankful for the security camera mounted on his front porch. Also marks worn by thousand dollars. It's the perfect house for a weekend getaway but tonight the owner of this air BMB rental is dealing with the mess look and Alicia. Are racial Luke and his husband Robert the owners of this five bedroom house on Glenwood avenue in DeKalb County. Right now the 32 year old is in Nashville attending a business conference but over the weekend for suspected thieves. Including this man Brian Williams got more than just some R&R. Recently that may be honest man and so I'm Hariri and he knows. Indeed you know you know low yes. This surveillance video shows Williams in two other unidentified suspects walking out the front door with flat screens toiletries in women's. Real policy here I don't know Expedia. Luke reviewed the security footage and reported voice salt to police. But by the time officers arrived the men had already gotten away as police continue to search for these speeds. Luke is working with officials at air BMB. Any news or you are all and he was a member Arab emirates ink. I'm says she lives. He also has this message for anyone trying to host I just not be there it's earned and it is your Olympian. Ons not only bringing. You know here all. And now we've moved to a bedroom you can see some of the trash left behind now I've been staying in close contact with police that they tell me at this hour they are still searching for that suspect Brian Williams of Fayetteville. As for air be Indian official tells me that they are working with the host here. They also have a million dollar insurance policy that will take care of the damage we're DeKalb County Michael side and channel two action news.

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{"duration":"2:12","description":"\"I feel pretty helpless here. Not much I can do,\" the homeowner told ABC News affiliate WSB.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61197863","title":"Video catches thieves stealing from Airbnb rental in DeKalb Co., Georgia in February","url":"/US/video/surveillance-video-catches-thieves-stealing-tvs-airbnb-rental-61197863"}