Surveying Irma damage in hard-hit Florida Keys

ABC News' Eva Pilgrim reports from the Keys as Florida begins to recover after Irma.
3:15 | 09/14/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Surveying Irma damage in hard-hit Florida Keys
Andy pilgrim here ABC news correspondent we are in marathon key here in the keys of Florida we are looking at some of the damage hurricane Herman it is when it. So you just how powerful those winds were this think gas station in the canopy here at the gap facing completely pushed over. Either hurricane and you'll notice there's a pump that was literally lifted and tossed to the ground. All of the inner workings of that pump which most of us have never seen now exposed to that you can see that and you'll notice in this area right behind me over here. There's there's a power charts they've seen them up working that's when the major things that they're working to do we're. Down in the part of the keys where they have the final checkpoint where they're not actually allowing residents yet to come back in. The trying to get the power back on to trying to get water restored. As far south as. Key West they're telling us it could take two weeks to four weeks to get a power fully restore and there's no timeline yet this plane. As far as when they'll be it would have the water. Up and running like normal right now IQs they have these two hour windows that they're getting people that they turn the water back on even have running water for two hours. There's a boil water advisory seeking a drink that water but you can use it to do things like Philip her toilet. And keep that bill water running through your house you can question -- important sanitary thing you don't think about everyday. As you're just coming and going because he's a lot of takers and the fact there toilets just. What's the problem with getting the water running as the water going Ali and the Key West actually comes from the mainland of fla so they have to get it. All the way through the keys down and that's and it takes some time. The major issues that we saw yesterday went on he left the people have a real need. To have basic things like water and do today had some helicopters stopping in delivering those types of things. We also the dry up and ushered you can see the drowned. And and see what we are looking and this area. The homes have some debris and sat scattered on the ground. I can see that all around them but the other thing that you'll notice this those homes are actually destroyed the one that aren't just write a lot of them want on the Oceanside at least. At some -- Atlanta there he's at this morning's outlets. He had four feet of water in his home he's never had that much water in his home before. So I'm they put everything about two feet thinking that you worst case scenario that. They would be able to salvage. All the things above that and make this thing safe but they and four feet of water pumps there's a lot route and throughout China clean all those things out or start to see residents do those things. Now the ones who stayed behind. The problem though is if he stayed behind if you leave you can't get back in and those who left are being allowed back in yet so there's still a lot of waiting. This area has an example to fully recover as they yet. And they are still going door to door trying to check on residents trying to figure out who who all was here and and and notify. Everyone make sure they can keep track of who was here and who survives we'll have more on what we are learning what we're seeing here in the lower keys. They're out today. And weeks to come on ABC news innings.

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{"id":49844159,"title":"Surveying Irma damage in hard-hit Florida Keys","duration":"3:15","description":"ABC News' Eva Pilgrim reports from the Keys as Florida begins to recover after Irma.","url":"/US/video/surveying-irma-damage-hard-hit-florida-keys-49844159","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}