Survivors of San Diego synagogue shooting speak at National Day of Prayer

Army veteran Oscar Stewart, border patrol agent Jonathan Morales and Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein visited the White House for the National Day of Prayer.
6:27 | 05/02/19

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Transcript for Survivors of San Diego synagogue shooting speak at National Day of Prayer
Last week. A gunman opened fire at a synagogue. In power way California while Jewish families. Celebrated. The last day of paso. We mourn for the loss of one extraordinary member of that congregation. Lori Gilbert K. Who stood in front of the shooter. And gave her life. To protect her rabbi. An incredible man an incredible horse. This morning we are privileged to be in the presence. Of heroes. Who raced after the murder. And helped disrupt the attack. At the pol way synagogue. Army veteran Oscar Stewart. And Border Patrol agent Jonathan Morales please stand. I wanna say everything the president has said echo I echo we need to be strong as a as a group of people that love god. Whether you call and Mohammed whether you call them. Shift when you call them yahweh ha Shem whatever we need to be strong because that's the only way we're gonna defeat evil. And just in do not be afraid to be who you are be proud it and lift yourself up. And I like president charm city we're celebrating our Last Day of Passover. Schools to be a joyous festive event. We were attack with their backs turned. You know brave people stood up and confronted this person. We into the situation. The best we could with the resources we had a as you know I'd like to. Use it usable from them well which are ready said. In order to fight these random acts of violence we must continue to do random acts of kindness. All of us do you don't mince ornament in good deeds and we will overcome this evil ness. Were also profoundly honored to be joined by somebody that I've gotten to know a little bit by telephone. I had a what was going to be about a one minute conversation just to express my. Sorrow and gratitude and everything else you could express and it ended up paying about 25 minutes. And it was a very warm he's a very warm. Incredible man. Yes Rowell Goldstein and rabbi. And I'll tell you it wasn't in the schedule but rabbi I'd love to bring you up because there was nobody that expressed. The horror and the beauty. Of what you represent better the. And you did just five days ago. Saturday morning. I faced. Evil. And the worst darkness. Of all time. Right in our own house of verses. Right at about apparently. I faced him. An end to make your decision. Toy run behind. Closed doors and told and fight and protect all those that are there. We can out. Control what others do. But we can't control how we react. My dear red be reverent enough commissioners and tore through the way we reacted that darkness. Is with light. It was that moment and I made a decision. No matter what happens to me I'm gong to save as many people as possible. I should have been dead for now but based. On the rule of statistics. I was in going to fire bullets flying all the way my fingers got blown off. But I did not stop. The review taught me. As of June. You're a soldier of god. You need to stands hole and stand fast and do whatever it takes to. Change the world. My life has changed forever. But it changed sort of may change. And I could help others learn how to be strong how to be mighty and told many have asked me reverend. Where do we go from here how to weed prevent this. And I my response is quite written told me when president Ronald Reagan was shocked. The release says we need to. Compared to the basics and introduce. A moment of silence in all public schools. So that. So officials ring. From early childhood come could recognize. That there's more good to the world that they are valuable. That theory is. Accountability. And every human being is created in God's image. If something good to come out of this terrible terrible horrific event. Let us bring back a moment of silence toward public school system. I also want to thank United States of America. Elected thinking our dear honorable mister president. For being as they say in Yiddish immense par excellence. Mr. President. When you. Call me. Our was at home we can. You're the first person. Who began my healing. You hill people. In their worst of times. And I'm so grateful for that. Your home in green great honor mrs. Laura K question memory. It's sixty year old dear friend of our congregation I've known her for twenty find yours. They staunch volunteer. She works for the friendship circle an organization hopes Fulton special needs. This year on June 2 were doing a march in her memory. To show that nothing is going to stop us we're gonna marches victory. And you help us bring Lori patriot owner. And god bless you god bless America.

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{"duration":"6:27","description":"Army veteran Oscar Stewart, border patrol agent Jonathan Morales and Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein visited the White House for the National Day of Prayer. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62784294","title":"Survivors of San Diego synagogue shooting speak at National Day of Prayer","url":"/US/video/survivors-san-diego-synagogue-shooting-speak-national-day-62784294"}