Suspect arrested in case of 7-year-old girl shot dead

Eric Black Jr., 20, was arrested in what police say was likely a case of mistaken identity.
3:25 | 01/07/19

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Transcript for Suspect arrested in case of 7-year-old girl shot dead
Hi to Texas now where that story of a tragic story of a seven year old. I killed by gunfire over the weekend to new new developments now on the murder of seven year old jasmine barns are Marcus Moore is in Houston with the latest he Marcus. What 7 good morning this is certainly a tragic case the seven year old girl losing her her her life in what police are now describing as as a tragic case. Of mistaken identity we've been learning new details about the investigation. That really took a turn over the week and on Saturday that is when police investigators. Received a critical test this tip originally came from be famed civil rights activist and journalist Sean he received a person personally. Gave it over to usher at Gonzales who says that out once police were able to cooperate. Of that that critical step. Things really started to fall into place very quickly this week in and so instead of focusing on that that possible white male suspect who was seen. In a red pickup truck in the moments after the the shooting on December 30. Police were now looking for as many as two suspects including the twenty year old man who was arrested over the weekend. Man with Eric black junior and he is charged with capital murder in this case and according to prosecutors. He admitted to his role in the in this shooting. And there's indication from a law enforcement source telling police that they suspects in this case. Targeted they shot at. What caught up car they believe belonged to someone else turns out this car that jasmine bonds and her mother were and was not the right vehicle if you will and instead. Jasmine and her family were innocent victims in all of this so this is a major shift in this investigation that that early on the family thought. Might have been a hate crime. Now we we know that the suspect has been charged with murder is not a white male and has another man who is in custody. Are right now on a drug charge. He is also a person of interest in death murder. He is a blackmail as well so certainly this new development came over as a big surprise a lot of people. And included law enforcement. Who up until Saturday we're still focused on that red pickup truck that had not been for this. They might still be chasing that that angle and the sheriff at this point out that they received more than a thousand tips in this case. And that it's entirely possible. That jazz was mother. Just saw. That red truck and out white now in the midst of the chaos that you. We'll talk a bit if you will have that that is the information she handed over to police and information she had at the time. Solve this seven isn't very. Complicated. Case in some way. But it's certainly very tragic as well and while there has been an arrest it will not bring back little jasmine. And certainly this family still dealing with that and only now beginning to degree she's expected to be laid to rest on teams that. Charter thanks to Marcus Moore for that and that funeral happening tomorrow paid for. In part by NBA great Shaquille O'Neal and a local Houston police officer who cut a check for that quite a touching. A remembrance adjustment Barnes.

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"Eric Black Jr., 20, was arrested in what police say was likely a case of mistaken identity. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60213126","title":"Suspect arrested in case of 7-year-old girl shot dead ","url":"/US/video/suspect-arrested-case-year-girl-shot-dead-60213126"}