Suspect detained after high-speed RV chase through streets of LA

One of the suspect's dogs hopped out of the RV's damaged windshield as the vehicle whipped through the streets of Los Angeles.
4:19 | 05/22/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Suspect detained after high-speed RV chase through streets of LA
And guys on to the crazy as high speed chase I think I've ever seen something straight out of a movie last night a woman with two dogs on her lap whipping through the streets of LA. In an. I wanna go to Adrian baker who's in Los Angeles with more and Adrian what in the world was she running from what happens. You know what it's interesting because even the helicopter pilot. Was saying that this is the strangest police pursuit he'd ever ceded his career I think a lot of people would join in an accident it. But we don't exactly know what her motive why is in running away we do know. That she was stopped work there was an attempted stop that she had a failure to yield so she did not yield to law enforcement trying to pull her over initially. Yeah it became a little crazy here. On the streets of a Los Angeles specifically to San Fernando Valley mean we're talking about zipping and turning and high speeds over seventy miles per hour. On residential streets through some upscale neighborhoods she drove through Tarzan a receipt parts of Woodland Hills north ridge. And she just kept on driving eventually striking several vehicles. The chp the California Highway Patrol tells us that she hit. A total of six vehicles while and from the helicopter footage you can see how strong the impact was when she struck those vehicles with this. Massive twenty foot R&D. I mean imagining how hard it is to navigate that kind of a vehicle. In any kind of conditions let alone high high speeds on surface streets. We do know that two people were sent to the hospital with injuries resulting from her hitting them in their vehicles. She also ran into a palm tree at one point you saw this side of the RV ripped away. Because of the impact she was trying to navigate out of a parking lot where. It looked like she hit a dead ended and officers were going to eight be able to get her under control but she was able to narrowly escaped. Taking turns dangerously hitting poles. Hitting cars that were parked. Eventually she crashes. And one of the most nail biting moments was when you saw a man crawl out of his vehicle that she had just struck in a driveway. And he is huddled you know hurt on the ground. Trying to us stay in position. Before officers a right to administer us a medical aid because he was obviously injured but she bails out of the vehicle on but. Runs up to the gate of a home. And that's win officers are able to take her down tackling her to the ground. It's it's just a wild Steen and and we see police pursued state and high speed pursuits all the time in Los Angeles but this one takes the cake Kimberly. Yet Adrian I have to ask you about the dogs I mean another shocking moment from this entire chase here are the dogs jumping out of the front. Of the RV and just the rolling on the ground before walks off were they okay. Yes they did to dogs RO can't I'm happy to tell you the dogs were not harmed. It was just bizarre to see these two dogs sitting at her lap forcible. They are so large in you can see through the window or the lack of windshield at some point because the windshield with a taken off the card you saw the dogs sticking your head. Out of the hole that was left from that windshield being removed. Did not look like lap dogs first of all and then use soft one of those animals. Fall or jump from that moving RV she seemed to slow down a little bit at one point. The helicopter pilot actually makes mention that she might be making you turned to try to go back and find. That animal. But she kept on going. It that animal was found and in the second animals stayed with her the entire time even running alongside of her when she jumped out on. All right Adrian thank you for the update still unbelievable I don't care how many times you watch it that is crazy footage thank you so much. It is it's you I do have to tell you one thing Kimberly before we don't. You know so that people at home no she is now being Helen suspicion of several felony charges including. Humans in the dogs animal cruelty. Wow. Wow allow allowed just fun unbelievable. Thank you so much we appreciate the updates.

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{"duration":"4:19","description":"One of the suspect's dogs hopped out of the RV's damaged windshield as the vehicle whipped through the streets of Los Angeles.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63206647","title":"Suspect detained after high-speed RV chase through streets of LA","url":"/US/video/suspect-detained-high-speed-rv-chase-streets-la-63206647"}