Suspect in Florida high school shooting in custody

At least 14 victims have been taken to hospitals, the Broward Sheriff's Office said.
2:03 | 02/14/18

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Transcript for Suspect in Florida high school shooting in custody
Communist have been in touch with sources down in Florida. Yes some promising news and also some very sad news first that the promising news WP OG RR affiliate down there in Miami is reporting that the gunman. Has been arrested that that aerial shot we had the person in the Burgundy shirt indeed was the gunman this of course. Is according to WP OG this is very preliminary investigation but this is where local Philly Don there's been told. That being said in what you would mark the were just talking about several students from the school are now tweeting that they are being let out of the school that they are OK that being said senator Bill Nelson. Has reportedly said there are many deaths in this case many fatalities those words attack as coming from Florida senator Bill Nelson briefed on what. Apple right now inferred from other police had one person confirmed dead from an eyewitness on the scene. At least two others dead but these are the first reports we do know from earlier portion of police up to twenty injured. Yet are also look local media reports that are circulating out that we hadn't confirmed yet but that are out there that we are working to confirm that that person you saw in custody there. Who looks to be a young person was a studio possibly one of the two schools that are next to each other. Now that we're to be the case that would that would stand to reason why would be so difficult for police to find this kid so quickly be so hard because like we said. Possibly 4500 students on the street and the brow. Or sheriff is now and he confirming that the shooter is in Cust who we believe that's this year right there in the Burgundy. Shirts that this is no longer an active shooter situation. In South Florida but Tommy Thomas hit is a mass casualty event it is a serious one. Yet from the sources that we've heard and we've confirmed this with three different sources there are at least twenty. Injuries at least twenty people hurt from senator Bill Nelson we know that their pool many debts many fatalities he was briefed. By the superintendent of the Broward County schools so so that's a horrible piece of news right there especially for so many parents that are home and were actually told. Don't call 911 because the lines were so jammed. Because so we parent for concern about the kids like any pair would be there were told to stay there and wait. For their child to leave the school which any parent I mean you're apparent apparent that the impossible to do.

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{"id":53090725,"title":"Suspect in Florida high school shooting in custody","duration":"2:03","description":"At least 14 victims have been taken to hospitals, the Broward Sheriff's Office said.","url":"/US/video/suspect-florida-high-school-shooting-custody-53090725","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}