4 murdered in Oregon home; suspect killed by police

They all ranged in age from infant to mid-60s.
1:07 | 01/20/19

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Transcript for 4 murdered in Oregon home; suspect killed by police
Five dead right inclusive including the suspect. Deceased range in age from an infant two like a retirement age mid to late sixties. The two survivors one as a child. And the other is a an adult female. The suspect is a male adults. In this forties. And what are the conditions of those other two survivors I'm told there and the received nonlife threatening injuries on the Ruble transported to area hospitals via an ambulance as opposed to life flight. Which leads me to believe that the injuries were probably less serious. Good requiring any type of traumatic injury. In your relationship between suspected victims as we members of thus more try to figure out we do believe they all are. We'll living in the residents on the all or. Related somehow. We'll just trying to piece that together. Any information about the type of homicidal violence was. It was not a gun. There are numerous. Objects around the house to be used as weapons. So the best is trying to figure out exactly what it is that he used to kill four people.

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{"duration":"1:07","description":"They all ranged in age from infant to mid-60s.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60506715","title":"4 murdered in Oregon home; suspect killed by police","url":"/US/video/suspect-kills-people-rural-oregon-home-60506715"}