Suspect in NY, NJ Bombings Taken into Custody

A suspect believed to be Ahmad Khan Rahami, earlier named as a "person of interest" in the New York City and New Jersey bombings, was taken into custody this morning, according to law enforcement sources.
2:43 | 09/19/16

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Transcript for Suspect in NY, NJ Bombings Taken into Custody
Suspect Hoffman for honey is in fact in police custody was taken in Linden New Jersey or put up that photo right now showing him after he was apparently shot. By police were told is on his way to hostel near their chief investigative correspondent. Brian Ross this information just coming in. Just coming in now confirmed by a federal and local law enforcement officials to ABC news. He was taken into custody in the last half hour in the in the New Jersey after what was it first described to us as an active shooter situations we don't have many of the details. But we do know according to police now that he is in custody he is taken alive. He was being trapped in a blue Honda car about a few miles from his home and then. Yeah earlier this morning we're speaking in their building was huge he did sound confident without saying so that they had indeed. On this man and Brad Garrett our FBI a former. MO. This kid didn't want to die he drops bombs remotely sets them off and then goes on the run and drops. You know over the weekend at least three different locations. So the idea that he got a shoot out he doesn't surprise me but that he also survived doesn't spread and we have some video coming in right now apparently is video. A fitting the ambulance being taken. Into the hospital right now you see that is the scene near Linden New Jersey that was just a short. Rise several miles from Elizabeth, New Jersey where his family members apparently had a home and I want it that Lindsey Davis now who's been at Elizabeth. All morning long the FBI searching through one of those homes. That's right George we. Continue to see a very active scene here the roads for several blocks remain a block dog of FBI agents. Who continue to go even in out of the apartment just above the first American fried chicken that we've learned that apparently his father owns this fried chicken business. He is said to have lived above. The suspect is said to have lived above it in the apartment at least that was his last known address he apparently from time to time still worked. Add to this fried chicken business and another active scene still just a few miles away here remains at the Elizabeth train station where last night you had those two men. There found a backpack with those five to suspicious devices inside. Brian Ross thank you Linda want to put that video back up again the ambulance I just a few moments ago in New Jersey. There you see the suspect. Right there apparently conscious. Strapped in that stretcher but of course the fact that he's now in custody does not mean this is over. Not by any means are still questions are whether he had accomplices. Who is an animal loses they're searching through his social media. Looking for contacts he may have had in this country or overseas George.

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{"duration":"2:43","description":"A suspect believed to be Ahmad Khan Rahami, earlier named as a \"person of interest\" in the New York City and New Jersey bombings, was taken into custody this morning, according to law enforcement sources.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"42196795","title":"Suspect in NY, NJ Bombings Taken into Custody","url":"/US/video/suspect-ny-nj-bombings-custody-42196795"}