Suspected human smuggler appears in federal court

ABC News reports on the latest details in a case of human smuggling in Texas that left 10 people dead.
7:35 | 07/24/17

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Transcript for Suspected human smuggler appears in federal court
Hi everyone I'm on the in New York who repeat the latest now. Some of the horrifying. Has been following the story and joins us live outside the courthouse there Kenneth we know the driver of that trailer in which those people crossed the border. In which ten people so far we've confirmed. Have died appeared in court today what did he have to say what's the latest from there. Well he didn't have much to say om now I inside this courtroom. Write your army this courthouse for the F federal courthouse in San Antonio where that hearing is wrapped up. A few minutes ago he heard the charges against them on some of these charges actually decks he faced the death penalty or life in prison. For allegedly smuggling those undocumented immigrants from Mexico possibly or potentially from exit US Mexico border. All we appear to San Antonio said this is suspected smuggler James Matthew Bradley sixty year old man from Florida he walked him to that courtroom. Wearing a blue jumpsuit shackles on the only said yes twice in the judge after she asked them a couple questions and understood. On some of the Yad charges against them and that the criminal complaint. I'm Annie sat there quietly and then he has a court appointed attorney I'm in this case so this is only the first step. I'm what you'll likely be out long process after this whole Brett think operation this human smuggling case one of the worst. Guy and Texas here where again as you mentioned and that people dead at this point we know that those folks were inside and according to this criminal complaint we're learning some. It is incredible details I'm no where we know according to people who were inside that's faltering big rig. That they head off a little bit of a whole war is some have a ventilation they took turns breathing through that whole we know they were potentially and that Carter trailer for hours. The temperatures here in Texas. In the low one hundreds so there's no telling how hot it was inside that tractor trailer we know it was unbearable. They went about Wal-Mart parking lot and the doors essentially just burst open and people disorder to run out those who led others. War. Obviously capacity incapacitated they were passed out on because of the heat and how intense that was. People suffering traumatic brain injury they were dehydrated heat stroke. And again ten people dead we know that we just confirmed that within the last couple of hours that that was another death. All of the victims so far man. Kenneth we're hearing some of those unimaginable deet tails you had a copy of the complaint. Earlier as well you were able to go through there are more it to serving an incredible deet tails in there you mentioned ten people. Confirmed died as a result of this. Many more injured and getting attention medical attention right now do we know anything from the complaints. About the journey that these people talk how they came to be there in the first place or what they were promised. That criminal complaint comedy tells a treacherous journey north. That these people were willing to do anything to get across the border and pay thousands of dollars one. The federal investigators that he spoke with few immigrants who they. When he got to San Antonio he was due to pay 5500. Dollars. Quite a bit of money for its success if anyone over the over the border there and when he got here. Did you go want essentially we even talked to a justice officials today. The sad that these roadways here at San Antonio through taxes are pretty much the gateway onto the US once you get across. You can I 35 which goes through San Antonio to take you out west and who. I didn't literally go anywhere here in the US and so there were some who were due to go to Minnesota on different parts of Texas. Com and so inside bat to trot. By the way on up another big headline from this is that we know that justice officials said they believe they're about a hundred people not truck. One immigrants that he thinks there were anywhere to close to 200 people and that tractor trailer so we don't know people will be dropped off. Com at a certain point another detour to give you is that this suspected smuggler this. James Bradley. He says he was unaware that those people. We're inside that truck as he did tell peer inside this courthouse behind me. He. And has this political play. That big rig he opened up the doors and he said when he give you this quote here that he was surprised when he was quote run over by Spanish people. That knocked him to the ground. And so he says. He tried to administer aid he did not call not when one but he did call his wife. And he thought there were on dozens of people back there again he knew that somebody was also dead he also said he knew there was no ventilation. And the back of that degree SSB think about it those folks war. Sitting there totally for hours and triple digit heat. With no AC no water all trying to breathe through all one hole. At a time just incredible on the. It's on unimaginable. Cabinet that the coming a little bit more about this driver now I mean you know you've said that. Prosecutors have said he said he was unaware. Of the cargo and that he tried to do what he could when he found out there were. People back there do we know anything about potential charges also tell me how this case. Being sort of a you know hurt and and received there because I'm see this is that terrible terrible incident among the worst some of the prosecutors have said they've seen recently. But it's not the first time we've seen something like this happened so powerful there. For speeding and talking about it. It's not I'm not it's one that they there were vigils have been memorial side just the gore memorial at the side of that Wal-Mart parking lot of people here. Yes it's Texas they'd seen smuggling cases before. It's in really bad smuggling cases before there was one and 2003 in Victoria where nineteen people died and Houston to the couple weeks ago they had another one where there were. More than a dozen people who ran up cargo or a box truck. I'm as well obviously in that case no major injuries to report like this case where ten people have so far died. How so yes even a Texas and Texas had they know that they noticed like this culture and it may feel like a shock and surprise. People throughout the country. The folks here say that this one yes this was tough. It's seen it before but this stuff because of the ease the mass casualty here's amount of injuries in the loss of life on. If it's it's for people who just flying to live a better life to find out American dream and they were willing to pay for that and it. Cost them their lives for many of those folks to answer a question about the charges for against mr. Bradley there commented. There knowingly recklessly disregard of the fact that essentially. Smuggling of undocumented immigrants and here on this criminal complaint that we haven't hand here. Comments at the Max term of imprisonment death penalty or life in prison and so some really serious charges here on at this point he's being detained. And the next court hearing is going to be on July 27. All right Kenneth unspent stay on top of that story for us Kenneth thanks so much for making the time good to talk to you. They found. And thanks all of you for watching us while T wanna get some background on that story or stay up to date on the latest good At any time stay here for your latest live news happening here and around the world for now on mom and Abbas and the feedback here.

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{"duration":"7:35","description":"ABC News reports on the latest details in a case of human smuggling in Texas that left 10 people dead.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"48818334","title":"Suspected human smuggler appears in federal court","url":"/US/video/suspected-human-smuggler-appears-federal-court-48818334"}