Suspected Orlando Cop Killer Yells Expletives in Court

Markeith Loyd, who was wanted for allegedly killing Master Sgt. Debra Clayton of the Orlando Police Department as well as his pregnant ex-girlfriend, Sade Dixon, said today he wants to defend himself in the murder case of Dixon.
4:13 | 01/19/17

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Transcript for Suspected Orlando Cop Killer Yells Expletives in Court
Good morning mr. like you're here for his first appearance since. Pursuant to a arrest warrant for events occurring in December 13 2006. Count 11 degree murder with a firearm. Count to killing an unborn child I injury to a mother. Count three attempted first degree murder with a firearm count for aggravated assault with a firearm and finally count by aggravated assault with a fire. Again PC was found because this was pursuant to a warrant sir you are entitled to the services. Public defender. It's my understanding that you did not want to fill out an application. Do you want a public defender appointed to represent you mister Lloyd. OK and do you plan to hire your own attorney. You're gonna defend yourself press today and what's the highest grade that you completed in school mister Lloyd. Have you ever represented yourself in a criminal case for. Do you know the maximum penalties associated with these offenses. Are. Okay can you read write and understand English language. And you believe you can defend yourself and you understand that you have you understand the nature of these offenses are. You understand this nature and severity of these offenses. Are you sure you don't want a public defender appointed to represent you. I'm sorry story Jason. OK so here's and in many go ahead and do. Well question. You're here for first appearances on awards and I'll make and that is what a minute and shut this girl and days in my family. OK and just wouldn't want that would look at what would you do some bay Yelp all dealt trade and new people. When it is shut his girl went with other governments competency. All in all kinds of gun portal me for a dollar economic it would be a shot a little brother got dropped out widely published and that helped. It all and before the article you are going to shut this girl got out amid dangerous at all I would become in right. Requesting mr. could be placed under the irony he's already been placed under the everything he's saying is being recordings are so I'm these young boy was she talked for so here's what I'm gonna go ahead and do I'm gonna go ahead. But that is publicly involved in making the whole time indeed go because Obama everything locked them up. Because much it I'll I'll I'll work. I work to resolve I'll work and I know we're friendly and that's what you did and went to my door that he gave on the other equity to my daughter all of them when it was not for me. Right Pearson an account and receive nothing from nobody about Obama's health. On the hit anybody that we don't in the thing I want Walt myself but about what the Bible and attention. So are we addressing the one case and I told you and your here for a while ago lives. I'll kill I'm minutes sentiment. I'm counts 12 and three Bonn is going to be sent at no gun additionally and counts four and five upset on at 1500. A piece. I'm totally no bond plus 3000 additionally and ordering. Some special conditions. You are not to contact. Ronald Stuart the victim in. In one of these counts additionally your not to contact any witnesses or victims Stanley members mystic since then the members. I want to be clear on this you're not to have any contact whether its third party contact through other people. No telephone communication. I haven't read that in just a moment you're not to contact nominee Daniel Stephanie Dixon. There is a form there. That you're gonna need to sign off fun. I'm gonna go ahead and look at you a court date sometime mount it'll be on the paperwork for determination. Announced today when they admit is lieutenant new cement await me to come sooty beaten didn't fit. They don't know Miller broke the jolly good old I was just about crawl back to and rope that is is my music. Agents via truck had from the new Pete went on Iran and. Corrections I think without we've establish I think we need to do and a first appearance hearing he can be taken after he signs it. Sign. It.

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{"id":44884983,"title":"Suspected Orlando Cop Killer Yells Expletives in Court","duration":"4:13","description":"Markeith Loyd, who was wanted for allegedly killing Master Sgt. Debra Clayton of the Orlando Police Department as well as his pregnant ex-girlfriend, Sade Dixon, said today he wants to defend himself in the murder case of Dixon.","url":"/US/video/suspected-orlando-cop-killer-yells-expletives-court-44884983","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}