3 suspected in slay of Guyger murder witness

Joshua Brown, 28, who was a former neighbor of Botham Jean, was gunned down on Friday night in what police described as a botched drug deal.
3:23 | 10/08/19

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Transcript for 3 suspected in slay of Guyger murder witness
As you know Joshua brown was shot and killed October the fourth of 2090. He was shot and killed at 4606. Cedar springs and Dallas Texas. Which is watt we gather here today. First I would like to acknowledge Josh were scrambling. We in the Dallas Police Department. Grieve with you we understand how hard it is and how much pain. Is related to lose and a loved one. No family member should have to suffer that kind of pain. Truth is dedicated work of my detectives. We have identified. Three suspects. In the jostle for a murder. Your career areas Mitchell but no twenty years of age. Michael Mitchell a black male 32 years of age Thaddeus green blackmail. 22 years of age. According to suspect you Curtis Mitchell. All three suspects came from Alexandria. Louisiana to purchase drugs from Joshua brown. Thaddeus green wants to facilitator. He's doing it contacted. Joshua brown. As they drove to the offense locations. Thaddeus green gets out of the vehicle. Has a conversation. We Joshua brown. Was escalates into physical altercations. At which time juncture areas Mitchell. Gets out of the vehicle and he states that Joshua brown orders him back into the vehicle and shoots him in the chest. As he's laying in the vehicle he here's to more gunshots. He says have Thaddeus green shot Joshua brown two times. According to there autopsy report. Joshua brown who shot two times in his lower body. One what's it through and through and the other entered his body just below the spine. Trauma of work damaging vital organs. Thaddeus green also. Took the backpack and a Joshua brown had as well as begun to Joshua brown hat. Michael Mitchell wasn't driver. He dropped Thaddeus green off at an unknown location. And he took to pair is Mitchell. To promise hospital to receive treatment. He was later transported to Parkland hospital where he is currently in police custody. We will execute a wart for capital murder on him today it. We also received numerous tips as a related to the killing of mr. brown. And in net we executed a search warrant. And mr. Brown's apartment we confiscated. Twelve pounds of marijuana. 143 grams of THC. Cartridges. In 4000 dollars in cash. We have also issued capital murder warrants for the other two suspects. Michael Mitchell and Thaddeus grain. I want to assure the citizens of Dallas there we will continue to be transparent. And we will provide updates as they materialize concerned in this case.

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"Joshua Brown, 28, who was a former neighbor of Botham Jean, was gunned down on Friday night in what police described as a botched drug deal.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66141867","title":"3 suspected in slay of Guyger murder witness","url":"/US/video/suspected-slay-guyger-murder-witness-66141867"}