Teacher Investigated for Alleged Chalkboard Threat

An Indiana teacher is on leave after presumably writing a threatening message to students.
1:42 | 03/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Teacher Investigated for Alleged Chalkboard Threat
I was -- Notice I that in -- I think tenth grader -- Chavez was stunned when she saw this message. Presumably written by her business teacher last week. You can see it's written to her sixth period class only -- -- you are idiots -- the guns are loaded and seat here to try any. I think -- against -- Because pay don't think it's a professional for him until these Saddam -- that on the board for his. Students. Students -- Edison junior senior high snapped a picture of the chalkboard message which is now prompted a police investigation. -- station detectives have been meeting with school officials this morning and interviewing students. Any kind of threat especially using a threat with a weapon or words of a weapon -- May be a criminal act and that's what we're looking into. School officials confirmed the message once in fact written by the teacher. Who has worked at the school for about twenty years they see as no disciplinary history and -- will not be in class pending the outcome of the investigation. It's terrible. It's terrible. In an -- get resolved and especially with kids being going to school they should be go to. -- BO -- some say the teacher has a reputation for having a short fuse. Under pretty normal day he was okay -- you seem like pretty fund future outgoing and everything in them when that time when he got the. You -- for what my daughter and my future son in law they say that that is his personality. But with. You know recent circumstances I feel that it probably a little inappropriate. Even though that might be his personality.

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{"id":18649638,"title":"Teacher Investigated for Alleged Chalkboard Threat","duration":"1:42","description":"An Indiana teacher is on leave after presumably writing a threatening message to students.","url":"/US/video/teacher-investigated-alleged-chalkboard-threat-18649638","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}