Teen boy bullied by former football teammates at sleepover

An investigation is underway into the bullying of teenage boy SeMarion Humphrey, who allegedly was slapped, shot at with BB guns and forced to drink urine at a sleepover.
7:27 | 03/09/21

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Transcript for Teen boy bullied by former football teammates at sleepover
An investigation is now under way in Texas after disturbing allegations of bullying and abuse against a middle schooler. After the mother of thirteen year old Samari on Humphries says her son endured being slapped a shot that we can BV guns. And even forced to drink urine by former teammates of his football team. During a sleepover joining us now is Samari on his mother summer Smith along with her attorney Kim T col. Thank you all for being here so Laurie and I like to start with you. How are you doing and and how did you end up going to that sleepover. I'm under and then it. And thus. Are so I came to it. One of the boys DN invited me over her son doing lunged game. On it and she is kinda skeptical at first. But then I thank Jeff prince and weeks. And then they kitchens. Do you see just kind or is she today then. You need done our lives. Are these people who had fully human for a you thought that they were friends. Did not. Give cash to the news is it okay of course I just he's caused. OK so what it is is we're talking about how. Mo five different people right so there was only one that was the sort of his brain that he was. Thinking let's just go. On him and its Korean head big artery you know several times we leading it was it you know they would they were crowbar together. He is so years. Oh and it means he's never had any problems. That particular. Guide to particular die has been nice to him. Be sure he hit a home plate they don't I so he had no other knowledge of three boys had previously believed him. Coming so that party on this. As a mom how do you feel that your son is doing and what of the last few weeks been like for him. Although the last few weeks have been absolutely horrible. Absolutely horrible armed. CE. Taught that his first it was his earnings teacher stadium. He told me we're with his arm out that he did not have you. Unarmed. Keywords. Isn't quite see it him. She couldn't believe what hey had been. In our artists and believe he's due process because ever since you know who was Eddie the story just kind of coffin be heavy at times there. Staggered things out our hat like those conversations that me he's had because everything happened so arrests but a don't load of support and everywhere I showed him during this problem has made she. Will say. And so Mariana like to ask you in your own words appearing able to kind of walk us through what what happened that and I think that you're going to friend's house for a sleepover in and then watch. And men in. On these boys sneaking over without my knowledge. And you learned what all of my friend initiated meet. The kid we know that I knew that something. That's the big boys wearing. They are not the war. In the end so. The kind of daily news had begun its. Wasn't so long needs somebody idiots. Liked and guests are to China. So. And so I went back so they almost courtesy and I didn't. Plan this item. They are cheating me and then I'd like to weren't shouting in my eyewitness. And then they just currency Leon RD. And then I just felt so who. I was hurting. And really go back column. And then I was hired on to direct. And then. Accident and then do outlined I didn't actually being. Oh I slept. In the era of solid to me by hitting me slapping me. And indeed remarkable is Luke the many told me wasn't reading. And I needed changing its water. Do not the hard time in order to see in the first place. Over her thumb polish stage he's an interval and time. But some day I urinate into kind of muted. They believe we think it. Any point were you able to get a parent or were you able to call home and and and saying he wanted to leave. Mostly I did not know who neither easy we are. Including after. HM what kind of actions could potentially be taken against these miners who allegedly did these things to Samari on or against any adults who might have known what was going on. We certainly hope that the appropriate. Criminal charges being filed in this action digs its danger surprises bullying but this far exceeds bullying what these. Jeremy. This was assaults they shot at him with eighty yard. And bass slash T and ending and personal injury you're. This is not believing this is assault and they should be charged appropriately. And also some eye on did not changed in. The addict since day where Colin him racial slurs the entire time so old days rises to the level of a hate crime. Still we'll look like to see charges brought against all of the yeah me who results again as well as the appearance of who allowed this to happen here out. So you believe that this was racially motivated. Absolutely. And so are your currently trying to raise funds for your son's therapy what are some of the mental health issues that he's been displaying since tonight and a sleepover. Only. The missile showed issues started before the sleep over so we were already. Trying to deemed insulin better place. All in solves that little. Just we just took all the way back and can have you been in contact with the school district and if so what are they saying. The school district has taken the position that's because it is. This particular. However. Some aren't guns psychological. Abused happening. On chances much of it happened on campus Craxi the incident and so he was already not in good play way they. Or risky. So happenings. And that happened Don can't get there is documentation. Yeah experiencing. Sun. Bullying air assault on campus. Are an icy he has failed to act. Some aren't we are certainly kind of sad that you had to endure this and we thank you so much for your time and for sharing your story with us thank you all. House Laurie on summer and can. They thank you Jim.

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{"duration":"7:27","description":"An investigation is underway into the bullying of teenage boy SeMarion Humphrey, who allegedly was slapped, shot at with BB guns and forced to drink urine at a sleepover.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76333168","title":"Teen boy bullied by former football teammates at sleepover","url":"/US/video/teen-boy-bullied-football-teammates-sleepover-76333168"}