Teen with cerebral palsy gets to meet the Yankees

Christian Heavner visited his favorite baseball team and met some of its players.
2:08 | 05/04/17

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Transcript for Teen with cerebral palsy gets to meet the Yankees
And finally this morning some trains came true last night for a long time fan of the New York Yankees got to meet members of the team right there on the field. That we ABC's Jim Dolan tells us more. Question have their lives in North Carolina and I guess he could have gone anywhere on earth. Chris is right where he wants today right here. You look there weren't filled with pork right here. Christian who has cerebral palsy really was right where he wanted to be on the field at Yankee state. Hanging out with the gas. Brett Gardner Chase Headley stopped by to say hello sorted -- eager glorious. Adam Warren if you thought it came by to just about all the big eighty bombers came over during batting practice we're Christian looked on. The big screen in center field and from right there on the field and got autographs and got so much more. This is now happily at. Around the group that put all this together is called three months three and yes they make sports dreams. Come true for children like Christian but. They do something more an eight empower other children to make those dreams come true. There are learning that it's more about self it's about others and giving in doing it ends. When they when they saw them together of this magnate Steve they end up they end up. V gets it. Christians out there in the afternoon sun on the field. And took it all in the sounds. And the love. I don't pretty good cerebral palsy it seems limits Christians mobility. But not his gratitude. And they say everything to me now. All of the they gave standing there. Where. That both good boy it just me every. And. I appreciated. In the Bronx Jim Dolan channel seven Eyewitness News. Such baster and it looks like he brought the team good luck to getting beat Toronto coming from behind. Hate to think amazing and that group that Jim was a refer referencing their race 101000 dollars to make that trip possible but. That moment definitely priceless one person.

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{"duration":"2:08","description":"Christian Heavner visited his favorite baseball team and met some of its players.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"47202774","title":"Teen with cerebral palsy gets to meet the Yankees","url":"/US/video/teen-cerebral-palsy-meet-yankees-47202774"}