Teen shot with pellet gun makes shocking recovery

A metal pellet entered his right temple and lodged in his brain.
9:13 | 07/06/18

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Transcript for Teen shot with pellet gun makes shocking recovery
She's just walk us through what happened Sunday afternoon home from comedy call seedy area hospitals with fountains. Like freedom. Well I was at a store and and and I got cars and my car and mr. Buchanan and told me that he was there her. The BB gun shot wound that they thought maybe it was a talent. And there was just. I I don't know I went into the hospital and it was worth it. Adam Morrison briefing pleasant greeting. In and be. Key. Thank you might have been detained and you just. Being transferred him to. Here think we're and and his prognosis was not. An initial doctor that saw him. Tell me that there was no chance for him wrong he was. The royal for the fourth I have met with I'm not sure who they were anywhere it was a it was a crazy game three we kind of sat Norman. Pastime is doing. Asked refuse to provide. Still and Mason yes. And when I asked if he was gonna make it people shipped ahead now. They say he's not gonna make you were sorry to tell you you know. And just like. Can of emotions. You don't with the emotions that it just craziness you know. The. Just like he's disbelief when there's no way such a security force. You know three. He do anything for anybody. Such a good kid and why and distribute like why. And new 312. Where he last season ends. You know we're the initial neurosurgeon. He wanted to come in news over the phone. And I wouldn't take the phone. So I'm not talking him on the phone. That's very professional. West each human person. And they've talked to that was trying him in a phone should be able 45 minutes he said. And so waited for him in. He was good would he didn't tell me very nicely it'll. Reasons and he just kept him he's not make it. And there's nothing he June. Children were crying and completing my thesis you know do something anything at feet to keep him he's you know he think he's not gonna make it trying something. You know warming at that point if we leave we're always trying to expel him like he's just could make you know. And he wouldn't he just said now. Stuff I. There's no way else I can tell you you know history he's he's gonna back you he's had a few hours left to. It just wasn't very nice. And so. Right to preach. Kaman and is great says his last race in going to hammer school. And I don't know. It was. Maybe. Fifteen minutes. Half hour news just do it they had transferred him from ranging initially was. To the icu. And consistent massive change this listen to allow us to be done. Maybe the two hours. And his pupils are reacting. It's his files with good used to listen purposeful movement you know he would be would take him off his sedation. And he would if he knew something was here he grabbed it and here we have the appropriate thing so when very. He would he would reached for this he would reach for this he knew where he was speaking just. That person is in fact and we couldn't grab. And I just. He citing better. It is. 3 o'clock. In the afternoon. And taken to around 3 o'clock. And Russia's exactly before turns around 3 o'clock that he had we're able to get that places were often means treating autism. That was like. I mean for you. You go countless think you're okay came off from like. And even how to put it like it. They auto pilot I don't even know I don't any feel anything I get in pending. Innocent I don't know you know then I just was like a really for he's breathing on his own OK has cost them. This so where are we so parents. Can find it really is extra action. For as you can. Those few hours you go from being told him yes and no cancer I'm not at all they're giving him his last race thing. And within ourselves. Heats breathing and moving on his own what was your reaction to that. I was so happy actually crying you know and everything kind of went on my confidence that's just wonderful I didn't expect I don't know I didn't expect that you think tomorrow from that. Definitely a and really wasn't. And just as they sensed I didn't think just so happy. They really have because he's made a lot of more progress you know. He's going to be a long road. And then it's going to be a long fan. You mention the long road a lot of recovery still. Going forward what's the approach for you guys professors at one time they at a time and I mean he's he's very never focusing. You know I heat he'll look at me enough talent land mine talked and I love him and you know he's he's he's about that if cats. Holmes normally think toy town I've had cats my you know if that's the first thing you do remind you come downstairs and he could you know in his feet jets. And what I see certain things to him he he braces as gross. Keep things I keep doing because he gets his attention has done more than ones. It's kind of it's going to be a long road he's gonna have to have some for the physical therapy. His right side business. It's not working as much as you should be some. Maybe some speech therapy he's doing some mumbling some time he doesn't make sense. And other times he makes perfect sense. You know pedestrians. And Q any information old. Well you. What happens with the shooting. Stories you know this was going on time now. No I just know why I kept telling him to stay away from their morning. Nine west and out of my house and it kicked in the woman wants it's bad news kid did not making. He's going to number I've heard he's a felonies dormitory. Room. I don't like you know just that it can always you know my son went didn't get in trouble in the glass container with him. You know he would be office at a friend's that he did have fun you know for the French able to come in listen. And do it hang up and run a play Xbox together they. You know. Deck authenticated I don't know I didn't know he was with him. When. They have had knowing games with McKee and you know them well and I didn't I wouldn't agree that there would have told him not to obviously I just don't I think I might. An eclectic. Well folks error you're historian and watch this and experience it's pretty amazing. The sudden recovery so a lot of a lot of stocks but. Meaning that that drastic change there is pretty evil what's your message to folks were Washington us. As you go about. And happy its process. I thought the whole situation. I would just be careful don't mess around with guns if you don't know what you're doing take some courses classes. Don't mess around in. Think you being cute and point guns at any difference. You know and it's a case it's could end up tragic. Just be appropriate. Even if the pelican Timothy BB guns and things can happen if accidents happen all the time. You don't expect that you don't know if you know he's playing around think it's funny thing it's cute and somebody ends up in the hospital. You know.

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{"duration":"9:13","description":"A metal pellet entered his right temple and lodged in his brain.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"56399488","title":"Teen shot with pellet gun makes shocking recovery","url":"/US/video/teen-shot-pellet-gun-makes-shocking-recovery-56399488"}