2 teens killed in Santa Clarita school shooting

Mayor of Dayton, Ohio, reacts to the shooting in Santa Clarita, California, three months after a mass shooting in her own city.
6:20 | 11/14/19

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Transcript for 2 teens killed in Santa Clarita school shooting
Some sad news breaking right now on California. Two teenagers are dead two others are injured after a sixteen year old gunman. Opened fire at a high school near Los Angeles before shooting himself police say he was using a handgun. The first shots were far this morning around 7:30 Pacific time at Saugus high school in Santa Corina one law enforcement. Official told ABC news that they identified what they believed to be a single suspect there he's now gravely wounded in in the hospital. But students say they were terrorized. Is still something and I got that close and it is rod didn't sunning beside him likable Atlantic so evidently in quiet and now we heard 2 July. And that's I know like this is this scenario is something is wrong. This is not normal Dan and then another pause and Greenland that's when we drive our friends and Amy desert ranch magnolia where we're gonna go continued to get out. And then we've been on the school and went right there it'd Jason's house. And he let us stand and everyone was crying and I'll pass a bill. I thought there was something else anything Americans Sam. Hello my class got. He's you know that's and she sobbed. It's very reading out that's campus. And regional flights. When sound came. I keep telling I was reading from my like everyone else's live I it. At that moment I just prayed and prayed that every wind was okay and sing it. And parents have been flocking to a nearby park to try to reunite with their students at this hour one of those Kerri Wright shared with our affiliate KE BC. Some horrifying text messages from her daughter who was inside the school at the time the shooting. Her daughter writes he mom I don't know what's going on here at school but I love you and I'm so thankful for everything you've done for me I love you so much. Everyone is saying there's a shooter on campus I don't know what's going on but I love you and dad. So much a message. No parent wants to receive here Washington lawmakers received news of the shooting as they were conducting official business. Pop up on Capitol Hill as lawmakers and the White House remain gridlocked. The exasperation. Was felt on the senate floor. As I fees. On the floor right now. There is a school shooting in Santa Clara California. How can we. Turn the other way how can we refuse. To see that shooting. In real time. Demanding our attention. Requiring our act. We are complicit if we fail to act. It is not just a political responsibility it is eight more all in Paris. And the unconscionable. Loss of life. Is. Our responsibility. Senator Richard Blumenthal speaking on the senate floor as the shooting in California was unfolding we should say that you mentioned. Ending creek location that she hadn't sent a clear read at California. It nonetheless senate Democrats also joined today by senate Republicans in saying something needs to be done about these shootings in the ball ever went seems to agree is in the court of the White House the president for his part. Has not spoken today on this shooting and has yet to release. I public proposal to stand school violence. From guns we still await that but for reaction now to the Saugus high school shooting where we go from here and joined by. Someone who is no stranger to gun violence in their community and they are Nan Whaley. Of the city of Dayton Ohio joins us mayor it's great to have you back actor and ABC news live it's hardly that's been three months. Since that shooting took nine lives in your city what was your reaction today when you heard what happened in California. Just just more sadness frankly you know it's easy speak on happening and we knew they split it frustrating is that we continue to see no action. Year. It really you know after going through something as terrifying as this which I have not I imagine. That it shakes your sense atrocity just about everything. You know particularly security and in a place that so familiar your hometown and how does a community. Rebuild that what will send a clear read a have to go through you've lived it. Well I think there's a lot or. Worse has been at. School shootings that. Two leaders act prevents that. To do this work and it's Assam that you don't want you have to go through it certainly. When it happens at school even markings authorities Stanley and young people. I and you know we have. An amazing network in. That our plan. Edit on on these terrible tragedies at you know we hunger for action or are Beers. And unfortunately. You. And you're. And how can people we've heard from so many young people in this town and obviously the march for our lives students. Foremost among them how can people. Feel so strongly about one in their elected officials and gun violence to do something. Capitalize on this moment what would you tell. Supporters like yourself. The priority that is at each other I. You know what it experiences lost their media members of their community so you know this is an incredibly occult confident. Will definitely hold them. And it's and it's as students but it's just so frustrating. For those as bright and the because it doesn't have to eat its weekly hat action if we have a congress that would not take action. President catch. Us. Aren't mere Nan Whaley of Dayton Ohio.

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{"duration":"6:20","description":"Mayor of Dayton, Ohio, reacts to the shooting in Santa Clarita, California, three months after a mass shooting in her own city.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67022371","title":"2 teens killed in Santa Clarita school shooting","url":"/US/video/teens-killed-santa-clarita-school-shooting-67022371"}