Temple Emanuel synagogue targeted in recent terror plot

The president of the temple discussed planned security changes and how the community will move forward after the threat.
5:43 | 11/06/19

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Transcript for Temple Emanuel synagogue targeted in recent terror plot
I've Clinton's health for ABC news we wanted to sit down with Michael atlas Acuna who is the president of temple Emanuel here in Pueblo Colorado which of course. Now finds itself but the senator of this domestic terrorism plot. Tell me about getting calls from. Authorities. But I got the call at 10 o'clock yesterday morning from the FBI. To tell me that they wanted to meet with me regarding something involving the temple but they didn't explain to me exactly what that was. So we scheduled a time for 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon. But before I could meet with them I started getting calls from media. And friends did you hear about this because they saw against the FBI had a press conference in Denver. And that from their ages. Was released and then that's when I learned exactly what happened when I met with him at two they've been briefed me on the whole story. And what is your reaction knowing that. Summoning an outsider but somebody was coming into the potentially do harm to your congregants are you building here. My first reaction was I was so happy that they actually stop it and that the FBI and the probable police department were. We're on their game and me they stopped the plot happening and so we're very grateful for that that was my first reaction. Tell me a little bit about this place and its place in the community they're a longtime hunter nineteen years was founded in 19100. And it is the senator of Jewish life in Pueblo. And it was founded by. Dearly. Immigrants who came to Kabul. For an Germany Russia. Ukraine. And they settled in trouble like many ethnic groups. Who came here to work as a steel mill so many of the Jews were to just kill me open a lot of them open businesses up and down main street in union happen. And you were we were talking earlier about there's a certain architectural. Uniqueness of this building. It is we had a rabbi come from congregations trying to in Chicago to re dedicated. Temple in in 2000 and he was in architectural designer. And he noticed that the incident I was built facing west and he said that most of the guards are built takes you east patient Jerusalem. And the significance of that that he anticipate. Thought was that the issues we're Americans first and they felt that they who belong in this country this was there. There Jerusalem their holy land and now so there are making a statement and that's why is that pima where the art cases west. You have been here a quarter century now. How has. The concern over security and safety. Changed in. Significantly because when we've heard when I've started coming here in 1980s. We virtually had no security there we just locked the doors and left him. You have trouble was kind of that way people leave their cars unlocked. And the last last decade we've. With a lot of the violence is going on our country we've noticed that we've had to change our ways and so. We really made a significant change and about two years ago when we had the security in this building built and the glass is protected him. Now actually we're gonna do cameras outside indeed just more security and we have armed guards like you. What we have services every service on bonds via oh and many of our members are caring. Karen firearms yes. Could you can't you look yet we're not going to be victimized. That's remarkable. It's reality that's right yeah. Yeah just face reality and deal with. Has the reality changed you know what he's noticed in these. Some sort of toxic political discourse in this country do you think that have to do with. People. Want to take on in an attempt things like. Yeah I think there are political discourses this is broken both parties that are are broken. We end to secure this this this individual is a white supremacist but we can't overlook the fact that the leftist just as dangerous. And it's ironic that the left in the Ryder so far to their. Sides of that that. The spectrum that they're practically in bed together because they both hate the same groups who think about that. And so. I two mean that there are the right is definitely dangerous. They're the leftist justice haters and I think. There's a tendency to oversee that overlook that you look what's happening to him. In Upton. And our politics and then India. The parties so. If you have this person in front of him a suspect. And you had a chance to say anything to. Religious man and what what what that conversely. Someone who's. Well. And I guess I would say. Chill. That you there's no reason to hate. Were all Americans. We're all trying to. Who live the lives that this country is afforded all of us and you'd be happier person you've got over your hate. Michael Allison Kenyon. President here at he temple Emanuel thank you for joining species that now.

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{"duration":"5:43","description":"The president of the temple discussed planned security changes and how the community will move forward after the threat.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66797100","title":"Temple Emanuel synagogue targeted in recent terror plot","url":"/US/video/temple-emanuel-synagogue-targeted-recent-terror-plot-66797100"}