Texans in dire need of water amid winter storm emergency

Millions in Texas are still without clean water as power in the state slowly starts to return.
2:13 | 02/19/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Texans in dire need of water amid winter storm emergency
Marcus Moore joins me live now from Dallas market is good morning is Tex is getting the federal support that it needs right now. Diane good morning well there are a couple of military jets that are expected to fly into Galveston. Galveston island which has been essentially cut off from all services. It's bringing those planes a bring in supplies and also generators and fuel has been delivered to hospitals are better meeting a lot of that that age self. It is coming. And on top of the other eight coming from the federal government are also everyday people here. Not doing what they can to provide generators food and water for anybody who need to. And that Marcus and what is the power grid failure there's something similar happened. Ten years ago so what are we know about why the issue was resolved. At that time and what are they doing now to prevent this from happening again. OK well yet 2011 and back during that. That time Tom actually Texas was actually hosting the Super Bowl there was with a massive power outages during that and subsequently Merrill we. Were recommendations that were made to two. Better out winterize the infrastructure here. And there were some. Changes made them and some new ideas adopted but for the most part. Leave power producers. I could do whatever they admit they want and and they warned that mandated to web arise some of the the infrastructure and so is because of that. According to experts. That when this storm hit. They have froze up some of the power generating. Facilities here across the state and it led to to the issues the other. Bit of detail that we've learned I am from from our Cobb. And that's something they did not plan is much is planning as they did put in the play as they were not prepared for how extreme. This storm was going to be with temperatures. Hanging in the single digits or below. For a long period of time and then also the BB amount of demand that existed for power in the midst of all of this. They did not plan for that. Karen Marcus Moore and Dallas thank you.

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{"duration":"2:13","description":"Millions in Texas are still without clean water as power in the state slowly starts to return.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76001200","title":"Texans in dire need of water amid winter storm emergency","url":"/US/video/texans-dire-water-amid-winter-storm-emergency-76001200"}