Texas Authorities Question Person of Interest in Shooting of Deputy

ABC News' Tai Hernandez reports the latest news on the shooting of Sherriff's deputy Darren Goforth and the afternoon's other top stories.
4:53 | 08/29/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Texas Authorities Question Person of Interest in Shooting of Deputy
Good day anti Hernandez at ABC news headquarters in New York with his digital report police outside of Houston Texas say they're questioning a person of interest taken into custody just hours after the cold blooded murder of a sheriff's deputy. Shot from behind as he pumped gas into his patrol car ABC's Ryan Owens has the latest. 47 year old sheriff's deputy gearing go forth never saw it coming the married father of two was in uniform. Filling up his marked patrol car at a gas station outside Houston. When detectives say this man walked up to in and started shooting. In what appears to be an unprovoked. Execution style. Killing police say the suspect approached deputy go forth from behind and fired multiple shots even after he was down on the ground. Deputy then fell to the ground. Suspect then continued over to end. And shot the deputy again multiple times as he lay on the ground witnesses. Calling 911 launching a massive manhunt think hard lose tick off down the street and Sony amp but that the people on 911 of those witnesses along with surveillance video from the gas station leading to his capture and arrest overnight. Police are not identifying him or his motive. ABC's Brian Owens reporting farther south Erica is losing steam over Cuba downgraded from a tropical storm to just a trough of low pressure but. Not before carving a path of destruction over DeMint had come leaving at least. Twenty dead and more missing remnants of Erica still pose a threat of wind gusts and flash floods over Cuba and parts of Florida. Could see up to half a foot of rain over the coming days. Meantime in the midwest heavy rains and flash floods triggered evacuations in parts of north central Iowa inundating entire neighborhoods some areas getting nearly ten inches of rain and less than 24 hours. A pilot has been killed in another plane crash at an air show this time an upstate New York. It happened while he was practicing corkscrew stunts about seventy miles north of New York City. Witnesses say they saw the tail section of the single engine prop plane come up art. In need air as it stalled forcing the plane into a free fall straight into the ground. He NTSB is investigating officials say this weekend air show real go along as scheduled. On the campaign trail Hillary Clinton is responding to ABC news reporting about emails regarding husband Bill Clinton. At its push to make questionable speeches for big paychecks this is Clinton is defending her state department's vetting process ABC's Devin Dwyer has the latest. It's an email headache that Hillary Clinton can't cure look I have said repeatedly that. I did not send or receive classified material and mrs. Clinton now being forced to defend emails on behalf of her husband bill. Whose son government approval she was secretary of state for lucrative speeches tied to questionable countries. He did neither of those speeches as mrs. Clinton heads back to the Hamptons for vacation some Democrats are quietly considering other candidates the energy. The excitement and implement them. Is with the whole campaign right now at a meeting of top Democrats activists who want vice president Joseph Biden in the 2016 race. Distribute these right in with Biden candy bars he's the original authentic candidate it looks really great. Republicans cravings Donald Trump turned out in droves overnight at a bastion Massachusetts. Protesters outside 100 dollar theaters inside the Republican front runner insisting it's not a fund brings it is everybody's offering me money. And I don't want it so I'm turning down millions of dollars and no went. There was even a kick version of Trump's famous hat and plenty of swipes at Hillary Clinton including this personal attack on her close aide who let editing. Yeah. The Clinton Campaign delivered a rare direct response to trump overnight scene he crossed the line in calling his comments disgraceful. As we've seen before no apologies from truck. Devin Dwyer ABC news the White House. And Hollywood BF fats Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer have gone up to pound the Canadian actress made a surprise appearance. At a daily jolt concert at Chicago's Wrigley Field. Jumping out as Seattle for their own jam session. During an encore performance of uptown girl. Hats on of course was featured in Amy's new movie train wreck. Those two sending the crowd into a frenzy. ABC news is monitoring these developments around the clock to get updates on these top story start up on the ABC news phone apps Cecilia bagel have a complete wrap up later on world news tonight anti Hernandez in New York have good day.

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"ABC News' Tai Hernandez reports the latest news on the shooting of Sherriff's deputy Darren Goforth and the afternoon's other top stories.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"33404271","title":"Texas Authorities Question Person of Interest in Shooting of Deputy","url":"/US/video/texas-authorities-question-person-interest-shooting-deputy-33404271"}