Texas College Stabber's Victims 'Randomly Selected'

Police say they have no information or evidence to explain suspect Dylan Quick's choice of victims.
4:06 | 04/10/13

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Transcript for Texas College Stabber's Victims 'Randomly Selected'
We have learned a look more about the person responsible. In this investigation. As you know he has been charged with three counts of aggravated assault. And he -- -- custody. There has been in. Discussions about. How all of this may have come to -- and and discussions about and remarks made about fantasies. And planning. This is what we know. He -- shared with us. That he -- hat -- fantasies about stabbing people. Since. The age of eight. He did share. That he has been reading. This event. For some time. We don't know what some time. Maintenance. And all we know. Is exactly what -- that he -- shared that he has been planning this event for some time. Our investigators. At confiscate it. Eight computer. And some other items from his home. And it I think it earlier this investigation. Continues. It is ongoing. And we continue to collect. Information and evidence necessary. To bring this investigation very successful. Conclusion. You may be wondering what his. State of mind was Powell he comported himself whereas our investigator to interact with him. The description that is. That has been given is that he has been matter of factly. That he is understood. All questions provide it to him. That he hasn't been interacting well with investigators. And that he has. I've just been -- or apartment where the information that I've shared with -- -- at this point. The weapon used. Has been mentioned as they expect to not. Let me clarify. Some details -- that. The weapon. Is more accurately described to be a raised her utility -- That. Exact -- Make some of we don't know the brand but it is better to -- to be a razor utility knife. That was used. The victims. Appear to be randomly selected we have no information or evidence. To explain. Why it the victims. Were victimized. There's no. Information maybe they'll be -- and -- wrong that we all become more aware up but that's what we have this -- this particular point. There was a question asked to where this occurred. This occurred in the health science center on the first and second floors. The investigation continues as we work to determine. If it happened. On the second or first or on the -- for -- we don't handle details yet but we do have. Evidence that indicates that. Actions occurred on all floors of the health science and. -- there are no signs that he was -- problem student he had -- Many of the faculty who had a reported that he was a good student he also worked in our public library so there was no signs on the college campus that it was anything amiss.

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{"id":18924359,"title":"Texas College Stabber's Victims 'Randomly Selected'","duration":"4:06","description":"Police say they have no information or evidence to explain suspect Dylan Quick's choice of victims.","url":"/US/video/texas-college-stabbers-victims-randomly-selected-18924359","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}