Texas Prosecutor Shooting Death: Reward Offered

Investigators review assistant district attorney Mark Hasse's court cases for leads.
3:12 | 02/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Texas Prosecutor Shooting Death: Reward Offered
There -- no significant. Advancements in the case towards determining -- but. There are significant. Activity being made working towards developing leads. We fielded numerous tips coming in from the public we -- following up on every single one of them. We want the tips to continue to come in. The the information we gave you yesterday. Remains. The silver or gray. Looking older model sedan -- -- sedan. One and possibly two unknown race. Possibly dressed in black with a quality. -- facial features covered. And obviously we know that. District -- he was shot. So it was going to be gunshot that caused his death. But we at this point. -- not determining the type of weapon. We have been working the crime scene and have completed our -- Francine and collected evidence that is being processed. That that evidence -- Lindy. Followed up on in terms of open with this investigation. A significant change that we do have though there's -- stepping forward on the reward money. And at this point in time we're at 63500. 64. Even though the -- 645 OK so that's gone that's good that's changed just now for 64500. We are also asking -- -- it to anyone in the community. Anyone in the listening public wants to contribute. You can send your contribution to the Kaufman county sheriff's department. At PO box 849. PO box eight or nine Kaufman. Texas. Or go to any American national bank branch and donate to the -- -- bond. Come. We believe. And this -- from experience on other cases that. If someone out there knows what happened knows who did this that the reward money is going to be encouragement for them to come forward and tell us. Com. Prosecutors handle hundreds even thousands of cases. We had a team as we talked about. Yesterday. Comprised of -- Our local department local departments around the area in the sheriff's department the Texas Rangers and numerous federal agencies and the FB IA TF. To mention a couple that are giving us support in every aspect of this investigation. As well as manpower. We are reviewing. Mr. -- -- cases. And following up on any. Leads within those cases that would give us rise. Four and a person of interest. At this point that's all we have to go on -- took -- for you.

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{"id":18377093,"title":"Texas Prosecutor Shooting Death: Reward Offered","duration":"3:12","description":"Investigators review assistant district attorney Mark Hasse's court cases for leads.","url":"/US/video/texas-prosecutor-shooting-death-reward-offered-18377093","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}