Texas Shooting Suspect Collapses Twice in Court

Accused Houston killer Ronald Lee Haskell faints during hearing.
3:00 | 07/11/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Texas Shooting Suspect Collapses Twice in Court
-- court room collapse accused murder Ronald Lee Haskell. Suspected of killing six people execution style outside of Houston. Seeming to faint while making his first court appearance this morning. -- when I'm down -- in New York joining me now with the latest on the case Christine got from -- -- TV in Texas inside the courtroom this morning Christine. Good morning to you. Good morning there -- extra deputies inside -- Harris County courtroom. And it's a good thing because Haskell was actually wheeled out in -- chair before all the allegations were even read against him. Ronnie Haskell was escorted into the 351. Courtroom in downtown Houston. As prosecutors read the details of what the 33 year old is accused he apparently -- -- and felt the ground as he was flanked by deputy. Maybe reality is finally setting him. This is not. Television this is not fiction. He is facing this consequence. Prosecutors outlined more details in the killing of six members of the -- family and the wounding a fifteen year old Cassidy state the only survivor. They -- Haskell held a small packages he claimed he worked for FedEx after a second attempt she said she would write down his name and number for her parents and he followed her into the home. Haskell attorney says their defense will be mental illness claiming Haskell is being treated in jail had been in and out of the hospital when you talk. And was not compliant with this medication. After spending about thirty minutes with his client he describes him as scared that would not say if he shows from. Worse -- legal system recognizes that a person who is suffering from mental illness. And can't -- and allows you can't distinguish right from wrong at the time -- -- -- back a violent act does not criminally responsible. Prosecutor Tammy Thomas says she thought she'd seen -- all in her career. Until Wednesday night and he's not surprised by the defense claims. It makes no difference to me. Whether he ever. We understand. How much trouble he's EnerNOC on the ground jury and tell -- much. And no behind -- sad -- attorney Doug Daryn. Has also consulted with local attorney George part of him and George -- is a well known defense attorney in cases. Where mental illness is used as a strategy. You're inside the courtroom today what exactly was being said in court would -- -- -- to his -- What it interesting because they were reading very specific. Information about what allegedly happened -- their home on Wednesday night. And they were reading about went fifteen year old girl was caring for her siblings. At home the parents had gone to the bank. As she answered the door the first time he was wearing that FedEx uniform and carrying a package they say. She said it he would have to come back later when her parents were home he tried again and she said -- write down your name and number from my parents. She -- get it had to pay Bernie followed her into the home and that's about the time that we saw him collapse in the courtroom. So we can see the video of it happening there we don't have the audio of that because it was a pool camera outside -- -- or result you were inside the what the reaction and where their gas that the judge and juror postponing hearings. It was mostly over the gas problem the gallery. And it was a little chaotic because they continued reading the accusations while deputies were dealing with him so -- -- -- courtroom I'm trying to kind of take notes on everything. Still -- do what they're reading but also try to observe what's going on with him. And deputies that try to get back -- to continue NN I just I went down a second time that's when I'm out. Judge didn't react a great deal -- just try to maintain order and go forward with the proceeding that actually had to take him out of -- Oliver. And his attorney. Appointed by the court had indicated in fact that he might be suffering from mental illness. Was there a great deal of description going into that kind of rationale. He talk just briefly outside the courtroom and he has claiming that he believes he's mentally Kelly didn't. Have a lot of details he says he's met with him or about thirty minutes he claims that he's been off medication. Had been in and out of a hospital in -- top when we asked for specifics about any kind of diagnosis he didn't have. -- -- steady -- did say that he's being treated or some type of mental situation here at the jail. Kristine -- also ask you about this because we are learning more about house what himself -- -- and -- there was also situation and you talk involving his ex wife what do we know about this connection. As we got deeper yesterday we learn more about his past -- we've learned that he is now ex wife had filed. A different orders against him a protective order there'd been sent a domestic violence domestic abuse allegations against him involving her. And children but some of those did not -- for because it appears they had some type of agreement to drop some of those. Allegations that when they actually filed for the divorce went through those proceedings. And what about also now in California we're hearing about an altercation with his mother and that was we've just last week. And there are a lot of allegations and it appears that some of his own family members may have feared him. And it looks like his ex wife and children may have as well and that's one of the reasons they came. To Houston and got maybe that family here -- involved and we're just trying to seek safety. Did did the tragedy and obviously all of this is that six people. Are dead many family members -- from all of this have we heard. From any of the family members their reaction to this. We have heard from phew what a family -- -- today -- lives locally here. They have not commented publicly they have sent out a statement just asking for privacy right now. -- -- big concern is the surviving -- -- fifteen year old Cassidy they haven't talked with her they say they do expect her to make a full recovery. And -- -- to get things that we've learned from investigators as the shootings were happening she actually shielded her head with their hands. And they believe that saved her life but she lost -- -- in the process. -- so they're commending her actions but of course -- a long road ahead and the paternal grandparents have also talked on camera. And they actually have said that they talked with Cassidy by -- in the hospital and one of the things she said about her parents was that they -- in a -- Place absolutely tragic story out of Texas Christine -- from our Houston station KT RK Christine thank you so much appreciate that. And as a reminder you can keep up with the latest news on the Houston shootings in real time downloading ABC news -- -- -- story for exclusive updates on the go. Gone down that -- in New York.

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{"id":24528228,"title":"Texas Shooting Suspect Collapses Twice in Court","duration":"3:00","description":"Accused Houston killer Ronald Lee Haskell faints during hearing.","url":"/US/video/texas-shooting-suspect-collapses-court-24528228","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}